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Grade Reports for Google Classroom
Create beautiful reports based on your Google Classroom. Provides an overview of how your students are performing in your class.
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Create beautiful grade reports for your Google Classroom. Provides an overview of how your students are performing in your class.

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Grade Reports for Google Classroom is also really easy to use!
   1. After installing, open any Google Doc
   2. From the menu go to Add-ons > Grade Reports for Google Classroom> Generate Reports
   3. Choose your Class, students, parents and choose to create a Report Doc for printing or email the report

Information included in the report:
*Mark summary for each student including grade and percentage
*Status column shows the state of each assignment
	NEW 		The student has never accessed this submission. 
	CREATED 	Has been created.
	TURNED IN 	Has been turned in to the teacher.
	RETURNED 	Has been returned to the student.
	RECLAIMED BY STUDENT 	Student chose to "unsubmit" the assignment.
*Generates charts and graphs so you can analyze long term or recent trends

The free version includes all of the above except reports are limited to the first 3 students and first 3 evaluations.

This add-on does not provide an overall/final grade. It is based on the pedagogy of using the “most consistent” pieces of evaluations and looking at trends to help determine a final grade.  

If you are looking for an add-on that calculates final grades then please consider installing GradeBook for Google Sheets and Classroom which can be found here:
A User of Grade Reports for Google Classroom
September 17, 2019
This app has saved me at least 100 hours over the last two years. Unbelievable value for money, and extremely intuitive.
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Preston Moore
May 1, 2017
We love using Tony's add-ons at our middle school. G Suite is a big part of what we do and these add-ons extend the functionality to better suit our needs. Looking forward to more releases in the future!
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A user of Grade Reports for Google Classroom
January 6, 2020
of course
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