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GradeProof: Proofreading with AI
Artificially intelligent proofreading for Google Docs - correct spelling, grammar and phrasing instantly with GradeProof.
762,829 users
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GradeProof's intelligent algorithms instantly correct and improve your writing. It's the ultimate tool for written perfection.

GradeProof analyses your work for grammatical issues, helping you to check for and avoid all kinds of embarrassing mistakes.

It analyses your choice of words and phrase structure, using world-leading and patent-pending technology to improve the quality and flow of your writing. 

GradeProof will even increase and decrease your word count on demand, all in a matter of seconds.

Features of the GradeProof Editor include:

Spell Checker
Grammar Checker
Rephrasing Analysis (including reword and paraphrase suggestions)
Word Count Targeting 
The Eloquence Engine (Using our patent-pending artificial intelligence technology)
Plagiarism and originality detection

Get started with your free GradeProof account today!

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Terms of Use:

Some of the fields where our users find the GradeProof bot useful include:

Improving style and sentence structure for content marketing
Writing an english essay or paper for school
Checking and polishing assignments for college or uni using appropriate synonyms and phrases from our thesaurus
A journalist preparing an article for a newspaper or blog
Writing eloquent copy and scanning for errors
Refining business documents & reports
Grading an academic thesis
Teaching students how to write more effectively
Optimising documents for reading by younger people
Blogging about the difference between "gramer, gramar, grammer and grammar "

You don't have to be Shakespeare or Hemingway to have perfect writing - just the GradeProof app to proofread and write like a pro!

Some quotes from some of our users:

Steve, USA - “I can’t believe that GradeProof is free!  It’s ideal for making sure all of my work is polished and professional”

Penny, Australia - “I use this product almost every day!  The complex rephrasing component complements grammar products like Grammarly really well.  Great job!”
A Google User
November 12, 2018
It fails to detect simple grammatical mistakes. Even a/an.
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A Google User
June 27, 2018
I was using it for a project and it helped me a lot! I don't know why this app doesn't have five stars, but it deserves them. It was easy for me to figure out.
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A Google User
April 10, 2018
how does it work????
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July 17, 2017
Can not get this to work at all with G-Suite. Get number of issues - but the pop-up editor just refuses to authenticate. Not usable....
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March 15, 2017
Although the Pro version was paid for and the pop-up is useless, it still works better than most other proofreaders. Great.
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March 12, 2017
The first time I used GradeProof it worked great. The next time, and all subsequent times I have tried to use it on the document I applied its changes to, I get an error message saying "There was a issue analysing this document. Our engineers have been notified and we are working on a fix ASAP." I uninstalled and reinstalled a few times but no change. It works on other documents, but not the one I ultimately installed it for and used it on initially. **Edited 3/12/17** I now get an error saying the app only works on documents 5,000 words or less. Not useful for my purposes, so definitely uninstalling.
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A Google User
October 16, 2017
Hi Ashley, We have just raised our limit to 10,000 words and are working on making it available for even larger documents. I hope this helps! Nick
February 20, 2017
Really helpful
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A Google User
September 24, 2018
February 12, 2017
I use Grammarly and trust it, but it does not work within Google Docs. I decided to check this out. I like the concept, it has some upside. BUt I do not understand a few things and it appears that the help desk is limited to emailing questions. Go with Grammarly, the paid version is cheap and it works with emails, word docs, just about anything web based, except Google Docs.
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February 9, 2017
Very very bad. I have to make an account. I mean, it's OK for seeing how long your doc is, but other then that, not useful. I just want a proofreader. The spell-checker is better than this.
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February 8, 2017
Pretty good, several mistakes here are there. Recommended to those wanting to quickly review their work - but read the sentences carefully, sometimes what you originally have might sound better than the corrections. Overall, I think it's pretty good! It might be even better if there were templates: stories, essays, reports, etc. I think there should be a higher word limit that this can edit, or edit selected areas only.
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March 28, 2017
I could tell you used this for this paragraph,smart!
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