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Hapara Teacher Dashboard
Google Applications organized by class and by student
10,000,000+ users
Works with
Teacher Dashboard structures Google Apps to reflect each classroom.

Notify your school or district technology director that you would like Hapara Teacher Dashboard. Installation requires Google Domain Super Administrator permission.
Teacher Dashboard saves teachers time, helping them track engagement and improve student outcomes with a snap-shot view of student activity across Docs, Sites, Blogger, Picasa & Gmail. Teachers can push out docs in a differentiated format to their students, and view all student work organized chronologically by class and by student.
Teacher Dashboard greatly simplifies maintenance of the class Google Apps environment for administrators.
Because it make Google Apps easier to use, Teacher Dashboard also improves GAFE adoption rates and save schools money.
--- Teacher Interface --- 

Docs view 
- each student’s most recently updated docs 
- filter by title/ assignment name (for marking) 
- click through to open doc, hover to preview 

Sites view 
- each student’s most recently updated pages 
- click through to site 

Picasa view 
- each student's most recently updated images 
- display as list or lightbox 

Blogger view 
- Posts tab: each student's most recent posts 
- Comments tab: most recent comments 
- click to open Blogger page, hover to preview 

Gmail view 
- most recent emails in Inbox / Sent mail 
- read/unread indicator 
- click to view mail 

Sharing View: list of documents that are: 
- not shared with teacher 
- visible outside of the school domain 
- shared with a student by external parties 

Chromebooks Interact (this is an add-on to Teacher Dashboard):
-  see what students have open in their browsers
-  see student screens real-time
-  push URLs to one student or the whole class
-  post messages to the screens of the whole class

- student and class-wide password reset 
- student panels display year level and current age 

--- Automated Google Apps environment setup --- 

Automate setup & maintenance of your domain…

Student Accounts 
- create, rename and suspend student accounts 
- synch via Google spreadsheet or CSV files 

- create unique group per classroom 
- manage student enrollment in groups 

Google Docs: 
- create/manage school folder hierarchy 
- top-level class folders and shared class folders 
- student subject folders ("English", "Social Studies", etc.) 
- all folder sharing permissions 

Google Sites: 
- create personal student sites (ePortfolios, based on templates) 
- share to teacher as owner 

- create class calendar, auto-subscribe students
A User of Hapara Teacher Dashboard
May 14, 2019
Because I cant see what kids are doing
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A User of Hapara Teacher Dashboard
May 8, 2019
i mean, it does its job, buts really annoying. It absolutely blocks everything, i cant even use grammarly to type my emails because its BLOCKED. Also, if you sync your computer w/ your school computer, they can see you at HOME. I was watching youtube once, and suddenly my tab closed. I went to go see what in the world was going on, and someone was screwing with me on Hapara! The idea is okay, but the power it gives teachers is too much. IDK why they haven't stopped us from reviewing this. FInal Verdict: Not Terrible, but still bad
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A User of Hapara Teacher Dashboard
April 16, 2019
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Michael Boardman
February 28, 2019
Not sure why students who agree to EULA terms to use technology at school, a school owned domain and services on school owned equipment believe they have an expectation of privacy using public resources. If you don't want to be monitored, don't sign the EULA and don't have your parents sign the EULA and Technology agreement. This argument seems similar to complaining about speeding on public roads, don't use them if you can't abide by the agreement of use.
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A User of Hapara Teacher Dashboard
January 21, 2019
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A User of Hapara Teacher Dashboard
November 29, 2018
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A User of Hapara Teacher Dashboard
November 28, 2018
I mean, it does it's job, but that's about it. I'm not gonna give it a one star or something because of iNvAsIoN oF pRiVaCy though, (cause it's not really.)
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A User of Hapara Teacher Dashboard
October 22, 2018
TOTAL INVASION OF PRIVACY !!!!! I mean stalking people WITHOUT them knowing !!? WHO wants that? Stalking definition: Stalking is unwanted or repeated surveillance by an individual or group towards another person. Stalking behaviors are interrelated to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them. SOUND LIKE SOMETHING FAMILIAR DOESN'T IT(HAPARA). BAD IDEA
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A User of Hapara Teacher Dashboard
January 16, 2018
shouldnt be used
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Duncan Pañiagua
April 16, 2018
This is a very good app. Many students are on here (and other review places) and lowering the ratings. Keep that in mind @Melodie Agnew
Melodie Agnew
January 19, 2018
I am considering this app. Why shouldn't it be used?
A User of Hapara Teacher Dashboard
December 14, 2017
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