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Hippo Video
Rapid content creation & sharing software for the busiest people i.e. sales and support. Quickly create Videos & Screen-capture required for their sales and support life cycle.
100,439 users
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Create, edit, share and track videos. Screen, Voice and Webcam Recorder. 

Hippo Video is a one-stop solution for all your video needs. Hippo Video is a free video editor. It is also an online screen and webcam recorder.

Hippo Video allows you to create and edit videos online without any hassles.
With Hippo Video you can,

Import your videos directly from Google Drive to Hippo Video and edit them to perfection
Edit your video using our basic and advanced edit options

Hippo Video’s simple edit features

You can trim the starting and end parts of the video 
Crop the video to any length of your choice
Add text to any part of the video
Add callouts to amp up your video
You can choose and add emojis of your choice to the video

Markup tool
Focus on any part of the video you think is important 
Use this tool to focus on a specific space to guide the viewer, so your viewers can find the corresponding target easily. Draw and mark important parts of the video. You can choose different highlight colors.

Hippo Video’s Pro edit features

Amp up your video with audio of your choice.
Stitch your videos as a part of the advance edit option. Also, add introduction or end cards to the videos. 
Fade in, Fade out
Hippo Video offers you with additional effects like fade-in, fade-out, and opacity.

You can choose to protect your video with a password. Set an expiry date for the shared video link. 
Export and upload
Upload the created videos to Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive. 

With Hippo Video you can create videos with no Hippo Video logo as a watermark. The free version lets you record unlimited videos of 5 minutes with all the premium features.

Why Hippo Video scores over other video editing tools?
Hippo Video is an online video tool designed for quick and simple creation and editing of videos. You don’t have to be an expert at editing videos because Hippo Video’s interface is very intuitive and straightforward. 

Who can use Hippo Video?

 - Hippo Video is a light but robust solution for universities, schools, teachers, and students and provides best video recorder and screen capture. 
Teachers/Educators can 
 - Record videos inside Google Classroom
 - Record Google Slides video
 - Add videos inside D2L Brightspace
 - Record tutorials
 - Create whiteboard explainer videos
 - Create tutorial video
 - Record documents
 - Create educational videos
 - Record classroom lectures
 - Create videos inside Google Docs
 - Create presentation inside Google Slides
 - Record video assignments
 - Make a video presentation
 - Create demo videos
 - Create assignments inside Google Docs
Sales and Support
Sales and support employees gain insights during their deal wins and support resolutions. They also need to quickly create demos for a product feature to win a deal or help resolve a customer issue. But they are too busy to create & share it with customers & their team. Hippo Video helps in quick content creation & knowledge sharing by anyone through Video recorder & Screenshot capture 

 - Freshdesk and Zendesk integration - The only chrome extension in the market that integrates seamlessly with Freshdesk and Zendesk.
 With Hippo Video in support, you can create
 - Explainer Videos 
 - How-To Videos 
 - Solution Videos
 - Training Videos 
 - Customer Testimonials
 - Share insights 
 - Allow customers to raise video tickets for the issues they face

Sales & Account Managers
A video is an excellent format for sales and advertising. It perfectly captures the attention of your potential customers.
  1. Record video to share sales insights gained in deal wins and losses
  2. Quickly create video demos of a product feature to win a deal 
  3. Share sales strategy through videos
  4. Build impressive product demo videos
  5. Share sales best practices as videos 
  6. Product updates training videos for Channel Partners

Videos are already the big thing in the industry. Marketing has moved from text to infographics to videos right now. Ride on the wave by creating
  1. Product demo videos
  2. Brand communication videos
  3. Webinars

Corporate Training
Use Hippo Video to 
 - Create explainer videos
 - Create training videos
 - Practice sales assessment test
 - Create product demo video

Designers for giving feedback and design walkthroughs.
  1. Capture detailed user experiences
  2. Track facial reactions on webcam
  3. Find and demonstrate bugs with videos

Hippo Video is best video edit tool. Why restrict an ultra-flexible product to niche markets? Hippo Video is for everyone. Create and edit all types of videos with Hippo Video and make the most of it. Go ahead and start crafting great videos!

A User of Hippo Video
April 7, 2019
i dont like it i cant even unistall it now
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A User of Hippo Video
March 25, 2019
This editing app is amazing comes with all the features!!!
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A User of Hippo Video
March 23, 2019
stupid app
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A user of Hippo Video
April 3, 2019
i very much agree could not do anything wihout paying
A User of Hippo Video
March 14, 2019
it was ok i guess. i wish i can download it and upload the video and post it on youtube tho cus it wont let me.
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A User of Hippo Video
March 6, 2019
Absolutely fantastic. Able to handle a music layover, clipping and merging videos. Plus its all free. Absolutely recommend.
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A User of Hippo Video
March 6, 2019
Why the hell do you need a code?
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A User of Hippo Video
March 6, 2019
Love this editor great and easy to use!!!
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A User of Hippo Video
January 28, 2019
can't uninstall
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Jonathan Hurtado
January 20, 2019
i like it
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A User of Hippo Video
January 19, 2019
It's great app to work on Video Editing, I can use it for any video saved in my google drive and it's great to edit video and use it anywhere. It has also a great variety of features, still exploring though!
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