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ImExClass Import and Export Grades between Google Classroom and Spreadsheet
[en] Import and Export grades between Google Classroom and a sheet
[ca] Importa i Exporta qualificacions entre Google Classroom i un full de càlcul
[es] Importa y Exporta calificaciones entre Google Classroom y una hoja de cálculo
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Adele Strazar
May 9, 2020
Is there a way to update scores that are currently in the Google Classroom directly from the Google Sheet? I have spreadsheets of data from external sites and I want to use these to update student scores in the Google Classroom as students submit work. It would be great if existing assignments could be updated instead of creating a completely new assignment posting (and deleting the non-updated one). Otherwise, the features are great (a zero must be written in on any empty row for this to work though).
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A User of ImExClass
October 24, 2019
I use several other programs that are not synced with Classroom, but allow "download grades to excel". I was hoping to find something that would quickly transfer the grades into Classroom. It's a little slow, so it does not save that much time, but that's ok, because it is more relaxing to watch the program work than type in the grades. Also, sometimes I like to upload the grades before the due date, just to get some grades in. And then upload them again when more students have completed the SAME assignment. Or sometimes the online assignment is completed in "waves" (absences, redos, etc....) It would be nice to be able to overwrite instead of have to recreate a whole new assignment, and have to delete the other assignment. It would be cool to have the option to not have to delete the first uploaded assignment. Each time you upload grades from the same assignment, you need create a new assignment name, even though you just want to update the grades on an already named assignment. So it would be nice to add a feature "Change/overwrite grades on an already created ImExClass Assignment?" And then list all the ImExClass assignments for that class in a dropdown menu. If it could do that, then I would use it frequently.
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John Kershaw
March 23, 2019
Does exactly what it says, but not very polished. You will need to work around its glitches: Importing from Classroom: 1. You HAVE to put text in a column header for it let you choose that column. If you only put in a column of email addresses only column A appears in the pop-up 2. The assignment title you just put into the header of column 2 doesn't get pulled in as the Assignment title (so lots of flicking back and forth between Classroom and Sheets, which is what we're trying to avoid) Exporting to Classroom: 1. You can only choose increments of 10 (ie 10, 20, 30 ... 100) for the maximum grade. My IGCSE past paper marks are all out of 200, my self-written tests can be anything, so I have to go back in and edit them :/ 2. You MUST put something in each cell, even if it's 0, since the script hangs on empty cells (rather than skipping them, since the student may have been absent for that test, or left, or arrived since the test was set).
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A user of ImExClass
October 17, 2019
Thank you very much for your feedback We will try to improve it.
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