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IMPORTFROMWEB: Imports data from any website
IMPORTFROMWEB imports data from any website into your spreadsheet through a simple function. It's like IMPORTXML but on steroids. Fed up with IMPORTXML limitations? try IMPORTFROMWEB() IMPORTFROMWEB is a function that allows you to import any content from any website in seconds - High volume of requests per sheet - Use the function hundreds of times per spreadsheet - Scrapes pages loaded with JS - Our powerful engine allows to return elements from Javascript-powered websites - Caches results so it doesn’t recalculate at any change - Unlike IMPORTXML, it doesn’t update the cells at any change in the spreadsheet. Instead it uses a smart and customizable cache system - Regex manipulations - Uses the power of regexs in order to extract or replace specific parts of texts - Stack results of multiple search pages in one list It's like IMPORTXML but on steroids ;)
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A simple function that imports any web content directly into your Google Sheet.
No coding knowledge required!

Use it to: 
- Retrieve products in Amazon
- Analyze websites links for SEO
- Gather information from multiple Wikipedia pages
- Follow stock market trends
- Extract lists of homes in Zillow
- Watch free photos in bulk from Unsplash
... and wherever your imagination brings you

- Easy-to-use interface
- Loads up to hundreds of web pages per sheet
- Scrapes pages loaded with JS
- Avoids inopportune recalculations
- Uses the power of regexes in order to extract or replace specific parts of texts
- Stacks results of multiple search pages in one list

From now on, Web Scraping is made easy!

Quick steps:
To extract content from a website, just call the IMPORTFROMWEB function and fill the urls and XPaths of the elements you are looking for:
Ex: IMPORTFROMWEB("", "//table[contains(@class,"Table2")]//td[2]")

- The three native only work in certain conditions. For example, they will never get data out of a website using Javascript. Nowadays, more than 50% of the web loads content through Javascript!
-  IMPORTFROMWEB offers much more flexibility and make the native counterparts useless
If you are used to Google's native IMPORT functions, you should give it a try ;)
If you are new to importing web content, remember that it will give you super powers: 
- Any data directly in your spreadsheet
- No more copy/pasting
- Your content refreshed regularly
- ...

Version: 2.000
A User of IMPORTFROMWEB: Imports data from any website
June 20, 2019
I am an e-commerce owner and I use it to compare prices from my competitors. Now I can see all their latest products in a sheet. That saves me all the hassle of going through all the websites
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