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A simple but powerful sidebar of valuable shortcuts to make navigating Google Sheets easier.
New Update - a whole redesign across the sidebar, along with the addition of a new sidebar for vertical sheets browsing! Use the new sidebar to view all sheets in the worksheet, Move tabs around, or Delete tabs.
InnoIso Sheets Macros add a number of very useful features, including:
- Formula Auditing or Tracing Precedents! - select a cell, and then click "Trace Precedents" and the ranges your cell is dependent on will appear in a list. You can then select those ranges and instantly jump right to them. 
- Quick recoloring of font or backgrounds
- Quick number formatting
- Quick cell width / height adjustments
- Quick modification of the "target" cells for sumifs / averageifs /sumproducts / etc.
This application is in Alpha. Please keep that in mind before submitting feedback, but all feedback is appreciated.

How to Use: 
- Tracing Precedents: In order to trace precedents of a cell, select the cell, and then click "Trace Precedents". After a moment, the list will fill with the precedents of that cell.
 - Browsing Sheets: In order to browse and edit sheets vertically, open up the sheets sidebar and click "Update". It will now load with all of the sheets in the workbook. In order to rearrange the sheets, select one and press the Up or Down buttons to move it within the workbook. Once done, press the "Move Sheets" button to save your changes, and the add-on will move your sheets around in the correct order.
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