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Insightly CRM
1,452,854 users
Simplify business management with Insightly CRM for Google Apps.


* Access Insightly via Google Universal Navigation
* Track leads, proposals, opportunities and projects
* Assign tasks, attach files, tag important items, and get email reminders.
* Full history of customer interaction
* Drag and drop file sharing with full versioning control
* A central shared contact list
* Real-time search of everything
* Two way contact sync with Google
* Add your own custom fields
* Email drop box and built in Gmail gadget
* Safe, secure, and private

* Very easy to use customer relationship management package for small businesses
* Track your projects, customers, and tasks without buying expensive software
* Utilize existing Google Apps accounts
* Keep a comprehensive history of all your customer interactions inc. emails, phone calls, and meetings.
* Track projects with milestones and tasks
* Very easy and intuitive to use. No training required!
* Searching as you type across all data within Insightly
* One address book for everyone within your company, online and shared.
* Integrate with your existing GMail email
* Single sign-on through your  Google Apps account
* Great file sharing capability
* Includes SSL security essential to business
July 26, 2017
Run AWAY! This used to be a great flexible CRM that you could set up and implement quickly and simply. They recently started rolling out features without checking with users that have made this one of the craziest and most frustrating CRM's to use. Limiting contact records to one email address, but providing fields for six phone numbers... Forcing the probability of an opportunity to be reset to blank or a preset value whenever the opportunity is progressed to the next stage... Keep looking.
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August 8, 2017
I just started looking at Insightly, but this has me rethinking things. Do you have another B2C CRM suggestion, preferably one with a project management component?
July 14, 2017
The best CRM for small business. Can create complex relationships in between people. Used it for over 5 years now. Love it all the way. Tried new CRMs recently and they are just so behind.
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April 1, 2017
project management tools a disaster. no Gantt Chart Company wants to focus on CRM, but for CRM there are better tools. no customer service or responsiveness. No regular upgrades, no action on user community needs. we paid for 10 users.. eventually gave up on so much invested time. we tried for over 3 yrs... no improvement over that time.. new announcements imply more of the same. We use pipedrive + wrike now.. its heavan
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March 24, 2017
No problems for what I use it for, it works good.
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After systemising my entire business about 6 months ago with Insightly, I now can't live without it. Its a fantastic tool to use. Tried to work through it myself but ended up enlisting the assistance of an outside third part to train me which was money well spent. Did find it a bit overwhelming to begin with but now I find it simple to use and an integral part of my every day business.
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October 25, 2016
Unfortunately, I am very disappointed by the Insightly CRM (you'll want to read to the end for details on their questionable ethics around cancelation of paid memberships before you pay for an upgraded account). The first issue I have with the program is that it really tricks you into upgrading. The clarity around each package is vague, you have to search some to really compare and even then once you're in they will sneak in reasons that you're required to buy up. As I began to explore the functionality, I noticed that it's not nearly as robust as other programs. It was often little things that were bothersome, for instance when you check off a task you have to go back to create another task instead of there being a quick and easy way on the same page to create a follow up task. There were many instances where I found that Insightly really wasn't as user friendly, time saving, or as advanced as other CRM's. Honestly, managing my leads manually was more efficient time wise than Insightly. However, these concerns alone wouldn't prompt me to share this review or give 1 star. Those just caused me to cancel my membership, no big deal. **** What prompts me to warn all of you is that they have a horrible cancelation practice. **** When you go to "downgrade" your membership (which was my initial goal- I didn't intend right off to cancel) you will find that you are not given that option. You can keep your level or service, or cancel. I chose to cancel, assuming that I would be given access to the program through the period that I'd paid for. I was not given that option, the cancelation is effective IMMEDIATELY as your only option. The worst part: although you've already pre-paid, and they force you to cancel effective immediately, they will NOT REFUND your prepaid lost time. But they don't warn you of this in any way before you actually cancel, nor do they give you a warning of when your renewal occurs so you can put a note for yourself to cancel the day before. This practice is a horrible example of integrity and is very disturbing. I am in the process of escalating my concern within the organization, and should the situation be rectified, will be happy to update my review.
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January 1, 2017
This app is far from perfect but shows potential - the single show stopper is that their marketing plan is based around tricking clients in the door with reasonable rates - but charge you 10 times or more than 10 times - as soon as any one aspect of what you need requires upgrade - we wanted a few more custom fields - to do this would have increased our monthly fee some 10 times - sorry a complete ripp off.
March 16, 2016
I love Insightly! It is a easy, powerful tool for contact, sales, task and project management.
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March 2, 2016
I really loved Insightly until we needed to use a new domain and it turns out there is essentially no way to change your domain and keep the bulk of your info from the initial account. BEWARE if you think you will ever need to use a new domain within a Google Apps linked Insightly account. Ridiculous that a relatively mature product like this hasn't allowed for a common business need.
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April 21, 2016
"One feature doesn't work, the whole thing is ratty!"
October 28, 2015
Fantastic! We use it for our customer/vendor database and it's great!
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September 9, 2015
it does one thing well: add/view contacts. other features fall short of the full web version, which defeats the purpose of an App.
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