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Instagram Automation
This Add-on is here to help you increase your Instagram engagements. It's safe and secure, easy to use.
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★ Automated LIKEs
  ➤ Like posts on your home feed
  ➤ Like posts with certain hashtags
  ➤ Like posts with specific location
  ➤ Set daily LIKE limits and intervals

★ Automated FOLLOWs
  ➤ Follow followers of a user
  ➤ Follow users from a post/location/like/comment
  ➤ Distinguish between Private and Public accounts
  ➤ Set daily FOLLOW limits and randomize time intervals

★ Automated UNFOLLOWs
  ➤ Unfollow users who are not following you back
  ➤ Set daily unfollow limits and randomize time intervals
  ➤ Whitelist friends, VIPs, and current followers

★ Protection Mechanisms
  ➤ Adjust daily activity limits
  ➤ Sleep Timers
  ➤ Wait time after hitting rate limit 

★ Automated Post from Saved List / Your Custom List
  ➤ Schedule post from your sheet.
  ➤ Post media from your saved list.

★ Other Features will be coming soon:
  ➤ Auto like your customer comments.
  ➤ Check and answer your customer direct message directly from your sheet.
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