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With this spreadsheet add-on, a click brings your profile data (post count, profile photo, profile link, follower count, following count, etc) and posts data (publish date, likes count, comments count, video views, etc) to your spreadsheet FOR FREE.
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The instagReader add-on  helps you extract data from any Instagram account for free. There are two major features available viz:

1. to extract data from one or more account PROFILES, just follow the simple steps on the sidebar, enter the account names (separated by spaces, commas or newlines), >> then select the metrics of data you want ( you may delete the ones you don’t want, change the metrics order by dragging and dropping the metrics ) >> then click on the GET PROFILE DATA button.

2. To extract data of any  account’s POSTS: follow the simple steps on the sidebar, enter ONLY one account name >> then indicate the time frame during which the posts were published by selecting the start date and end date,  you may leave the start date empty if you want to extract posts from the one that was first published , and leave the end date empty if you want to extract posts up to the recently published ones.

You may save a data request, so that you could SCHEDULE it for a regular automatic data update, or run it later when needed.

We love Instagram, and this tool will help facilitate data extraction from Instagram and will also help to understand better the user performance, and it is hoped that this will bring a better human interaction and relationship on Instagram which lead to a better Instagraming.

> Read add-on page for more usage guidance:
> You have feedback form on above mentioned page, please feel free to report issue or give suggestions, let's make it better.
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1. fix post extract issue
2. more post related metrics added, ex. is_Ad, comments enabled, collection photo count.

fix bug

1. save a request to SCHEDULE it for automatically update, or to run it again manually later.
2. UI update
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