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JobDiva Gmail is a tool for JobDiva Users to integrate their Gamil with their JobDiva experience, creating a smoother, faster workflow.
JobDiva Gmail© is an email-enrichment app for registered users of JobDiva, the leading, multi-patented SaaS solution for staffing and HR professionals to find and manage top talent. If you’re already a JobDiva user, you can install this app -- and at no additional cost. If your staffing company or HR department isn’t yet a client of JobDiva, please reach us at or go to for more information. 

JobDiva Gmail© unites the recruiting and client management of JobDiva users with their Gmail accounts by embedding a toolbar into emails. 

JobDiva Gmail© allows users to do the following without ever leaving their Gmail inbox: 
• Login to JobDiva 
• Upon receiving an email, check to see if sender has a current Candidate and Contact record in JobDiva 
• Create new Candidate and Contact records in JobDiva 
• Save Emails to Candidate and Contact records in JobDiva 
• Add Notes to Candidate and Contact records in JobDiva 
• Add Tasks or Events associated with Candidates or Contacts in JobDiva 

Designed to create accessibility and reduce data entry, JobDiva Gmail© will enable the user to stay in their Gmail account as long as they like while continuing to update their company’s JobDiva records, benefitting other Users who may be talking to the same Candidates and Contacts tomorrow and thus further enhancing both the collaborative paradigm of JobDiva and the ease-of-use of Gmail’s solutions for business. 
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A User of JobDiva Gmail
June 12, 2018
quick easy and done!
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