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Kerika is work management software for distributed, Lean and Agile teams, with support for Kanban, Scrum and Whiteboard projects and great integration with Google Drive.
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Kerika is work management for distributed, Lean and Agile Teams.

NEW IN V.112: we added support for Google Team Drive, and made it even easier to manage multiple versions of your files.

Kerika integrates beautifully with Google Docs and Google Drive to let you share Kanban Boards, Scrum Boards and Whiteboards with anyone, anywhere, using just a browser.

Sign-up is super easy: just use your Google ID; even a simple Gmail address will work.

Kerika lets you work the way you want, with a choice of Kanban Boards, Scrum Boards and Whiteboards:

TASK BOARDS are great for Lean and Kanban teams (and individuals working on personal projects!)

Kerika's Task Boards are exceptionally easy to use and can be customized to suit each project's workflow.

SCRUM BOARDS may look a lot like regular Task Boards, but they let you share a Backlog of tasks and user stories across multiple Sprints.

Scrum Boards are also great when several teams need to divide up work between them: all these teams can access the same Backlog of "to do" items, with real-time visibility in what's been worked on, and what remains.

WHITEBOARDS are completely flexible canvases that let you organize and share your ideas, your content, process flows, notes, etc. (And, by the way, we invented and patented our whiteboard technology!)

Other great features:

WORK-IN-PROGRESS (WIP) Limits help you manage the flow on your Kanban and Scrum boards.

AUTOMATIC TRACKING OF VERSIONS make it easy to share any kind of file -- and any content from your Intranet or the Internet, including corporate SharePoint sites.

BOARD TEAMS: each board can have it's own Board Admins , Team Members and Visitors.

REAL-TIME UPDATES: changes you make to any of your project boards are shown instantly to everyone on the team.

SMART ALERTS: Kerika makes sure you never miss what happened while you weren't looking, without sending you a ton of email.

TAGS and REAL-TIME SEARCH make it easy to manage really large collections of Kanban, Scrum and Whiteboards, with each board containing hundreds of cards and canvases.

INTEGRATED CHAT gets pushed to you as email: you can reply to it just like regular email, and find your reply shows up on the Kerika board as well.

PLANNING VIEWS: pivot your view of a Kanban or Scrum Board to see all your work items sorted by due date. See at a glance what's overdue, due this week, and due next week.

SUB TASKS: smart checklists let you organize subtasks within larger tasks.

SMART TIMEZONES: Kerika automatically recognizes when a team is distributed across multiple timezones.

WORKFLOWS and TEMPLATES make it easy for you to capture your organization's best practices and standard workflows as project templates.

EXPORTING is easy: get your Kanban and Scrum Boards as an Excel file, or formatted for printing.


Kerika is used widely in a variety of industries and sectors: mining, retail, government, academia, nonprofits, consulting, technology. It's used in government, in nonprofits, in large global companies and small scrappy startups -- and even by middle school students. 
February 4, 2018
Kamil Jaszkowiak
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A Google User
July 21, 2017
This is one of those hidden gems. Two of our developers work remotely and this is how we organize our work and make sure we make quick progress. In fact, today I found a bug in our product that was supposed to be fixed already. I found that task in our "Done" set, added my notes and reassigned it. That gives us a good historical context for the things we did. As a manager, it gives me a sense of concrete progress. Earlier it felt like we were going in circles with excuses like "he said" "she said" "I thought" "Oh, I forgot" etc. I have no idea why this isn't more popular than Trello. I've tried Trello - it does look very good, but in my experience Kerika is more optimized and useful for a small company like ours.
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A Google User
July 20, 2017
We were trying Scrum for the first time in our team and we were looking for a very simple tool. Most of the Scrum tools we found were too complicated, so even if the developers were OK with the tool, the other people, e.g. product owner, who are not techies wouldn’t use the tool. We have not had that problem with Kerika because the user interface is very simple so our product owner and people in sales are happy to join our boards.
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A Google User
July 7, 2017
I like the way Kerika highlights parts of the board that have changed for me. When we used Trello we had a big notification stream to deal with that contained everything and that was too much detail about too many things. But with Kerika I can see quickly what has changed on which cards, so it is much more efficient for me to keep up with changes. If I was working on just one board Trello might be OK, but we have 5 boards going on right now so Kerika works much better for us.
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June 5, 2017
We've been using Kerika for several months now and rely on it everyday to keep our small company on track with projects that are constantly coming in. I've seen several revisions and I must say that it keeps getting better.The programmers are committed to making improvements while keeping it simple and easy to navigate and use. Kerika has definitely helped keep us organized.
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A Google User
August 8, 2015
Great project management visual solution. Love how the task is in shape of a box and holds all requirement, files, chat log, status, dates, flow chart, etc.. very nice implementation on that end indeed. As non-profit, we get free 10 licenses which is great. Kerika is great, flexible, structured, and yet gives so much room to design your own process to match your own department needs. It is not just for agile, and we use it even on normal everyday tasks. When training staff, the following we clear so they have strong start: 1. Each project open in it’s own Kerika tab. 6 projects open means 6 Kerika-tabs open. 2. Each project has columns reflecting the different stages that a tasks has to go through to complete (you move a task from one column to the other until it reach the completed stage/column). 3. When task color or areas become orange, means something changed that require attention. Blue color surrounding a task means it is a new task.
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September 26, 2014
Although I'm only scratching the surface of the features, Kerika is a great tool! Very capable, very easy to use, very efficient. It's actually exciting to have something this easy to use, even though that makes me sound like I lead a very boring life. The capabilities make this a vital tool to keep up with day to day projects, as well as larger projects over a span of weeks/months.
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September 18, 2014
Great for our Elance projects! We used to burn a lot of cycles on Skype calls before we switched to these task boards. I noticed that our emails have really cut down a lot as well
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April 13, 2014
I just signed up today and was playing around and had an issue, so I emailed for help and they got back to me in less then 5 minutes on a Sunday! They also had instructions with screen shots that enabled me to figure out how to solve my issue within minutes. I hope every experience with Kerika is just like this! I also am very impressed with the intuitiveness and the tutorial videos. So far I am VERY impressed!
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A Google User
April 9, 2014
This tool kept my team on track. The Concept of To do, In progress and Done was nice and simple and kept my team focused. The integration with Google documents and their canvas tool are fantastic. Nice Job Kerika!!
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