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Use this add-on to create a keyword list, which can then be viewed by students as a sidebar in their Doc.
Jarope GAS Dev
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This add-on provides a easy way for teachers to create keyword lists for their classes, and for students to view them.
As a teacher using the 'Create Keyword List' option guides you through a few short steps to having a pre-formatted keyword list.  This list can then be shared with your class as you would normally with any Doc or Sheet.  Keeping the share as a view only means you keep control of the list and can update or modify it as needed.
As a student, you can access any keyword list shared with you from inside the Doc you are working on.  This saves time going off in to other places to find the information you need.  It also means less distraction from closing and opening different applications or searching the internet for answers.
Jason Darrell
August 15, 2016
As far as it goes, yes, this add-on provides a sidebar displaying keywords you've prepopulated in a spreadsheet. With regards to usablity, mm. Could do better. First, the keywords themselves are disproportionately sized and spaced compared to the text you'd use whilst creating a document. There's also no way to adjust the width of the sidebar, which can be quite obtrusive if you're working in split screen or on a mobile device. This means that that any list containing eight or more keyphrases you need to use the scroll bar to view beyond the few displayed in the sidebar. And second, a problem that compounds the oversized text/spacing issue, is there's no easy way to strike through/delete the keyphrases you've used. You have to return to the spreadsheet, delete the line containing the keyphrase you've added and then return to and refresh the document you're working on to display the new list, minus those you've used. In all honesty? You're no worse off creating a spreadsheet, or even a list in Google Keep, containing your keywords and have it sit adjacent to your WIP document.
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Jon Bon
September 21, 2015
Definitely like it. I do wish it operated like the Table of Contents addon, in the way that it had a refresh button built in to expedite the building process of a set of keywords, checking to make sure information is displayed. In addition, again like the table of contents addon, it would be nice to have a toggle to always display on a note. Otherwise definitely worth 4/5 stars! Great work!
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A User of Keywords
February 14, 2015
Works really well and does just what it needs to.
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