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KiSSFLOW - Workflow for Google Apps
KiSSFLOW is your #1 Google Workflow tool.Powerful workflow automation software and super easy to use
1,708,829 users
KiSSFLOW is the #1 Workflow Automation Tool on Google Apps. Get started now with 40+ Pre-Installed apps or create your own custom business application. Free Trial.

It allows you use a form and workflow to automate nearly any process in your business. 

KiSSFLOW allows common users to implement BPM practices in their offices. The layout is intuitive and simple and there is no need for any technical background. As a workflow app, it connects all of your users around the world and also comes with a convenient mobile app for Android and iOS.

Users from companies of 10 to 5,000 use KiSSFLOW to automate:

* HR process
* Employee Onboarding
* Purchase Request
* Purchase Order
* Payment Approval
* Purchase Requisition
* Travel Reimbursement
* Vendor Payment
* Invoice approval
* Timesheet approval

KiSSFLOW comes with over 40 automated Apps pre-installed, and you can also create your own custom App in minutes with a simple four-step wizard.

KiSSFLOW generates powerful reports to help you keep track of every item and analyze where things get stuck.

KiSSFLOW is completely integrated with Google Drive, Mail, and Contacts and runs on Google Cloud - App Engine and Cloud SQL.

Start a free 7-day trial today.
A User of KiSSFLOW - Workflow for Google Apps
March 13, 2019
Great little platform. The support team is very helpful and work with you to find a solution. Moving to a somewhat paperless flow process is challenging at times, but with the forms and cross-platform link to google sheets our business is more streamlined. Thanks KISSFLOW
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Tate Crocker
September 25, 2018
Very useful app, although it is a bit glitchy from time to time.
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A User of KiSSFLOW - Workflow for Google Apps
January 13, 2018
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A User of KiSSFLOW - Workflow for Google Apps
May 31, 2017
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Mark Spencer
October 3, 2016
The application is easy to use and relatively powerful. It has some frustrating limitations and gets pretty messy when dealing with complex workflows with many steps, it starts to get unwieldy. It needs some further development and some rethinking in terms of its design. I have little positive to say about support unfortunately. They can be dismissive and in that respect unhelpful. Unlike, say, Google Support it doesn't feel like they are on your side and there to help. It's possible language may be a contributory 'barrier'.
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Edgar Fajardo
November 18, 2015
Great App for Business process automation!
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Al Anderson
September 11, 2014
This app works well for us. We are a small college. One of the best features is that it is integrated into our Google Apps system so people just click on the App icon from Gmail to access the different workflows.
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Mike Schroeder
August 16, 2013
We were up and running within days, our staff loved the easy forms, the approval routing streamlined our process, and everything just worked. The support from KissFlow has been great, they have been responsive to concerns and suggestions. I wish every company was like Kissflow.
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Ronald Chui
May 30, 2013
Great product and excellent support. We rolled out the program live to all the users in less than 2 weeks including all the setup. Very easy to produce the forms and reports; very user friendly even to the less computer literate users. I will recommend this software 100% due to the easy setup, features included, and the pricing of the product.
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A User of KiSSFLOW - Workflow for Google Apps
May 27, 2013
KiSSFLOW validates the saying "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication". The product packs a lot of process automation power behind its simple, intuitive modeling interface. The integration with Google Apps works well. Support is excellent. Engineering is very attentive to customer suggestions and new feature requests. KiSSFLOW has the necessary ingredients to become a major player in the (much needed) unification of process modeling, execution and performance monitoring.
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