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Tired of copy/pasting data into your marketing reporting sheets? Connect to Google Analytics, JSON, Mysql, API, XML, Social Media, SEO, Database and create beautiful dashboards in a matter of minutes!
⇨ Use cases:
    ■ Import Google Analytics data to Google Sheets. Use Metrics, Dimensions and Segments in your queries.
    ■ Import JSON to Google Sheets. Use JSON path in your queries. You can also use this tool as a JSON viewer and view JSON data inside a spreadsheet.
    ■ Import MySQL to Google Sheets. You can add your database connection credentials and write sql queries within seconds!
    ■ Import XML to Google Sheets. You can use XPath in your queries to bring the data that’s of interest to you.
    ■ Import Website data Sitemap to Google Sheets.
    ■ Import KML to Google Sheets to view your Google Maps data inside a spreadsheet.
    ■ Import REST API in Google Sheets. You can use one of the available connections for JSON or XML depending on your API return format.
    ■ Import Real Estate object file formats like RETS, Openimmo, REAXML, MLS, IDX to Google Sheets.
--> No Google Apps Script required!

➡ Meet KPIBees, a GDPR compliant tool that imports data from various products or services into Google Sheets and with just a few clicks you can create beautiful marketing dashboards.

In your day-to-day work, you use a ton of software tools and always struggle to analyze the data from them. These tools usually offer their own analytics, but you still crave to see the data in that elegant spreadsheet format - nothing can match that! And you end up manually copying everything into google sheets - for hours, every single week. Sometimes you have to. If you  want to compare Google ads with Facebook ads, you’ll need a tool that enables you to do this. Even more, maybe you’d like to have KPIs from Website Analytics, Ads & Marketing, Subscriptions, and your own database, ALL-IN-ONE-PLACE.

⇨ How it works:
    ■ Select an integration (currently Google Analytics, JSON and Database (mysql) are available, as we've just launched, working to add more!)
    ■ Select a cell in a spreadsheet where you want to bring the data.
    ■ Create a new query with the parameters that you want.
    ■ Save & Run the query.
    ■ And you're done! The Add-on will pull the data into the spreadsheet starting with your selected cell as starting point!
You can create an unlimited number of queries and you can always come back to modify them and run them again. When you select a spreadsheet cell that is part of a query and the KPIBees Add-on is running, it pops-up a notification and you can open that query or edit it!

⇨ Integrations
    ■ As we've just launched, at the moment we have integrations with Google Analytics, JSON, XML, and Database (mysql)
    ■ Next Integrations on our roadmap: Google Search Console, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Instagram Ads, Quora Ads, Amazon Seller Central, SEMRush (SEO) & other SEM tools, further Database integrations (mongodb, PostgreSQL) and a lot more. Do you want to have another integration? Please vote here:
    ■ Every integration is Free as long as we are in Beta - Google Analytics will always be Free. Check our pricing page for more information about our premium packages:

⇨ Use cases
    ■ Import data from Google Analytics into Google Sheets. Run queries with your desired parameters (metrics, dimensions, segments), and get the output into the selected cell of the spreadsheet.
    ■ Import data from JSON url, use JsonPath for bringing your desired structure to sheets.
    ■ API connector for various tools that you use.
    ■ Import data from your MySQL databases straight into spreadsheets.
    ■ Schedule your marketing reporting any time you want and send email or slack notification whenever a refresh happens

⇨ Future features on our roadmap
   ■ Ability to use templates from our Template Gallery and to get ready to use reports within seconds! Schedule data refresh and email beautiful reports to yourself or your clients. 

⇨ Enterprise usage
   ■ KPIBees can build integrations for your own company tools or APIs and make them available just for your domain or users, while being fully GDPR compliant. Visit and have a chat with us about this opportunity!

⇨ A solution that's a lot more cost-effective than Supermetrics, enabling you to connect spreadsheets to your favorite APIs. Also, it can be used as an alternative to Reportgarden,,, Power My Analytics, Improvado, Whatagraph, Analytics Canvas, Zoho Analytics,, Zapier, and IFTT.

⇨ Legal
    ■ Terms of Use:
    ■ Data Protection Agreement: (KPIBees is fully GDPR/BDSG compliant!)
    ■ Privacy Policy:
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A User of KPIBees | Import API, MySQL, Google Analytics
March 25, 2020
Still trying it out but so far has what i need. I like that you can use a sql Database too and can run multiple queries and Schedule when to run, very useful. Also great support. Thanks Team
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A User of KPIBees | Import API, MySQL, Google Analytics
March 20, 2020
Everything is coming soon.
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A User of KPIBees | Import API, MySQL, Google Analytics
February 11, 2020
WOW! It's working very easy. I like this app, Prompt action...too early to see results yet but looks very promising. Good work!
Is this review helpful?
A User of KPIBees | Import API, MySQL, Google Analytics
December 1, 2019
nothing works
Is this review helpful?
A User of KPIBees | Import API, MySQL, Google Analytics
October 17, 2019
Works! I did not manage to import json first but after talking to support they clearerd it out quick!
Is this review helpful?
A User of KPIBees | Import API, MySQL, Google Analytics
October 2, 2019
Doesn't work, shows red message "no address". Waste of time
Is this review helpful?
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