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LEA!N Power Tools
A powerful library of LEAN training, forms, surveys and sheets to ​enable your journey to continuous improvement.
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A powerful new app that applies LEAN concepts for continuous improvement to small or large companies. Developed by leading authorities on LEAN and Six Sigma for manufacturers. This app is built on the body of knowledge of continuous improvement making it easily accessible and useful to organizations through Google online collaboration platforms.

LEA!N Power Tools is a web-based platform that guides users through easy to understand and easy to use Lean tools. Teams scattered throughout an enterprise can come together to collaborate on improvement initiatives... anytime, anywhere and on any internet enabled device.

• Learn the concepts of continuous improvement.
• Formatted data collection forms collate critical information. 
• Dashboards visually display critical data necessary for real-time decision-making.
• Act on the information to experiment with solutions.
A Google User
June 22, 2017
The LEA!N Power Tools APP was clearly put together by true practitioners of Lean. The content is easy to follow for beginners and experienced practitioners. Organizations will find this to be easy to navigate and learn at the same time. The use of the standard surveys, forms and templates in all areas of lean will save a lot of time in preparing or customizing these items. This provides an excellent roadmap on how to Lean Out an organization or just a process. Good from the executive to Gemba where the action takes place. Well done! Look forward to using it.
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A Google User
June 21, 2017
The LEA!N POWER TOOLS app provides a ready road map with succinct explanations as to the many, many facets in the development and implementation of the Lean Enterprise for all levels of Lean professionals. Whether you are relatively new to Lean thinking or a seasoned practitioner, this app can be a very valuable guide and resource to your endeavors. The app gives the practitioner the ability to select a facet of the Lean Enterprise and to drill down into the selected area of interest to find explanations of improvement concepts that can be applied, suggested tools to employ, and even example worksheets, forms, and graphics to be used. Best of all, the practitioner can take the worksheets, forms, and graphics and easily customize them to suit their application in their business. All in all, this app contains a ton of very useful instructions, surveys, worksheets, and documents that can be readily utilized to transform one’s business to a Lean Enterprise.
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June 17, 2017
Great app with numerous LEAN tools you can use out of the box or request help with or ask for customization to suit your needs. This app really shines when you find yourself with a need to apply a Lean principle to a practical tool (solution). I like the fact that basic and more advanced tools are offered to help solve particular issues.
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June 16, 2017
Powerful is the key. Finally, a LEA!N app for beginners or seasoned practitioner involved in LEAN or continuous improvement. It is full of not only information but tools and instructions. It is a LEAN handbook - a road map for your LEAN journey.
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June 15, 2017
Great app.! Especially useful for organizations starting on their Lean journey.
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