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Add-on for Google Sheet that provides extra tools and built-in functions commonly needed by Engineers.
LegendSheet provides many useful tools and custom function that are commonly needed in by engineering professionals. Especially those in the fields of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Checmical Engineering. The ever growing list of these functions include:

* Custom functions for dealing with units of measure and conversion between these units. Improves upon the built-in `CONVERT` function with more units, prefixes and the ability to use compound units such as "ft / sec". Additionally custom functions are supplied that allow addition, subtraction multiplication and division operations that keep track of the resultant dimension and throw errors when incompatible units are combined.

* Tools for the generation of random integers, real numbers and strings that can be used to test designs with simulated real world variations.

* New ways to visualize data with histograms for numeric and categorical datasets.

* Error checking functions to assist in making sure that there are no errors in your critical designs.

All tools and functions are paired with tutorials and instructional videos that can be linked to simply by clicking the "?" button next to the tool name. For more information, please visit for more information.
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