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Keep track of items on loan! Lend-Items allows you to create an on-line catalog of all your items (books, laptops, cars, etc)
Lend-Items allows you lend out items in your catalog to friends, colleagues or customers. Google Apps users in the organization automatically become borrowers while external users can also be manually added. Users may go on-line to make bookings for an item. Automated email reminders and comprehensive reports help you to manage your inventory and track lendings, reservations and bookings. 

Lend-Items is extremely versatile in that users can create their own user-defined item types. Each Item Type will have its own set of user-defined attributes in order to best describe this type of item.

Lend-Items fully supports barcodes both for borrowers and items. Barcodes are easily printed on sticky labels and adhered to the item. Low cost barcode scanners are readily sourced from such places as Amazon. The use of barcodes makes the process of lending and returning items lightning fast. Lend-Items can also be used without barcodes.

Lend-Items allows for very fast data entry of books. Simply scan in the ISBN number of the book and Lend-Items will automatically retrieve this book’s information (including images) and load it to your catalog. 

Lend-Items is extremely fast for what is done most;
•	Loading up new items
•	Lending and returning items
•	Searching and reserving items

Use it for 
•	Company libraries
•	School resources
•	Church library
•	Company car fleet 
•	Private collections
•	Video collections
•	Company laptops
•	Hot desk allocation
•	And anything you can think of...
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A User of Lend-Items
October 5, 2017
Best lending management software for school libraries, office equipment or inventory and personal items
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A user of Lend-Items
March 12, 2019
Basic good system but was confusing to the members in my club that I tested it on. There are only two reviews and one client acknowledged. The system allowed my users to book the same item at the same time wrongly. Limited opportunity to provide feedback . This is the only way.Cannot provide admin text to go in Welcome Message to explain system. Cannot record the location of item where it is stored/left by user or moved to differing locations. No screen ever remembers what you were doing nor where in the process you were and you start from scratch again each time. Needs a lot of programming refinement to be good but is "basically" adequate and better than a note pad/spreadsheet for tracking.
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