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Linkedin Prospector - Linkedin Marketing Tool by GrowthPack
Linkedin prospector enables you to easily find leads and their LinkedIn profiles based on a list of your leads Name, Company and/or Position. This marketing tool will become your personal automated Linkedin virtual assistant.
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This Linkedin marketing tool is practically an automated Linkedin Virtual assistant. The Linkedin prospector enables you to easily search and retrieve a linkedin profile of a potential lead based on their Name, Company and/or Title.
Finding the right Linkedin profile of your prospects list became easy as 1 click. 
This Linkedin marketing tool works as a great companion to Linkedin sales navigator & Linkedin recruiter enabling you to easily find and check Linkedin profiles of a given list. This can eliminate the need of hiring a VA on Fiverr or Upwork or help them accelerate their manual job 10x.

A great Growth hacking tool that enables you to easily find linkedin profiles based on any of the following combinations:
- Name + Company name (Default)  
- Company name + Title
- Name + Title
- Name
- Company name 
- Title

Used for:
- Lead generation & lead enrichment
- Finding emails for Facebook Custom audience 
- Sales prospecting & automation
- Human resources & sourcing (HR)
- Growth hacking
February 20, 2018
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