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Send and Track Multiple eMails with Ease using Gmail and Google Sheets.
LittleWorks Mail - Bulk (mass) eMail made simple for Gmail. 

Use Google Sheets with Gmail to run email campaigns that are customized, detailed reports.
FREE PLAN - 50 Emails/ day for FREE

Based on research, it has proven that email is still the most prevalent & cost effective mechanism to build your digital marketing pipeline. Reach out to prospects using your own email providers’ server (Gmail or G Apps) giving you great delivery rates. With basic knowledge of google sheets, you can have it set up in minutes.

Simple Steps to Send eMails using LittleWorks
Create/Import/ Copy list of senders list into a Google Sheet.
Save a draft of the email you want to send in Gmail.
Run LittleWorks and automate your email campaigns with a few clicks.

Customization - Simple, Limitless
Add “Custom Fields” such as Name, Company, City and LittleWorks will auto populate it for you in your email campaign. (Research has proven that custom emails have a higher open rate, compared to non-personal emails).

Reports, Drip Campaigns
You can easily select email ids that haven't opened the emails and re-send the next email that you would like to send out. Similarly, for emails opened, you can set another email flow easily.
Easy to read data reports, to make it easy for you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Reports are in real-time and gives you the delivery reports.

FEATURES - Get Mail done with this list
We are always improving and delivering a superior experience to our users. Try it out today.

➤ Customize messages in drafts in your gmail and send them to a large list with LittleWorks.
➤ Send multiple recipients with CC/BCC (each CC/BCC is counted towards sent count)
➤ Build email campaigns, select set of emails you want to send mails to.
➤ Send emails as if you were sending it using gmail/gapps itself. Send with attachments or hyperlinks
➤ Build contact lists by Importing contacts (name, email, phone number…) from an excel sheet
➤ Track, Monitor opened emails, clicked emails, answered emails / responded emails, bounced emails, unsubscribes

In-Built Features of gmail/ google apps that you can use:
➤ Customize sender name
With google mail, you can customize the name that is displayed to the sender.

➤ Test & Send
Test emails to quickly check the design, text readability and emails in different browser, devices to ensure better open rates.

A simple, easy to use tool for your emails:
Whether you are using it to send personal or professional use, you can increase your reach effectively.

➤Prospect with custom emails campaigns, generate leads with cold emails
➤Manage business reminders, billing reminders, job emails and track opens, responses
➤Use it send out new blog releases, find out people who seem to be opening your emails consistently and build a pipeline of prospective customers.

 50 emails/ day, all features included.

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