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mail2cloud Total Track (beta)
Total email engagement insight. Know the where, when and how of the emails you send.
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Información general
* Track Your Emails *
Get the who, where, when and how on:
- email opened
- links (URLs) in message clicked
- attachments downloaded
Locate your recipients on a beautiful global map in real time.
* Upgrade Your Read Receipt *
Activate tracking with Gmail's native Read Receipt capabilities.
- Get advanced tracking on email sent with Read Receipt.
- Replace standard read receipt, no more annoying recipients with receipt notifications.
* Send large files with Email *
- Send up to 25mb in attachments to anyone (even non-Gmail users)
* Enhance with Box(tm) *
Leverage the Box(tm) platform for compliant attachment storage. Box is the best in breed cloud storage platform for the enterprise. Winner of many industry awards, Box is HIPAA, HITEC, SSAE 16/II certified.
Connect Total Track to your Box(tm) account and get:
- Revoke access or update attachments even after email is sent;
- Send powerful file preview links to your recipients;
- Manage all files sent from within your Box(tm) account.
See www.mail2Box.io for other amazing products
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