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Mailmeteor: Mail merge
Send hundreds of personalized emails with Gmail.
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Mailmeteor lets you run mail merge campaigns so that every of your recipients get a personalized email. Send 100 emails per day for FREE - upgrade to get more quota (from $4.99 monthly booster or $24.95 / yearly license, enterprise plans available). 


➤ Email a lot of people quickly
➤ Track your emails sent in real time
➤ Increase your answer rate dramatically


Need a helping hand? Contact us at or join our Telegram community : 


1. Add contacts in Gsheets. Open Google Sheets, then fill your sheet with recipients data. Each column represents a personalized field. Column titles will be used as variables in your email. 
2. Run Mailmeteor by going to the Add-ons menu > Mailmeteor > Open Mailmeteor. Create an email template directly in Mailmeteor interface. Add variables using double brackets like this: {{firstname}}. Variables must match column titles. 
3. Once you're done setting up the campaign, you're all set to preview, receive a test email and send!


Mailmeteor has individual and enterprise plans available (from as low as $2.08 per month). Check our pricing options: 



June 16th, 2019 : Following feedbacks related to our email editor, we decided to change the current one by using the exact same one as Gmail. Now your email wrote on Mailmeteor will look 100% same as on Also, copy/pasting from Google Docs (and others sources) is much more better.

June 1, 2019 : Quick update on the add-on interface to enhance the sender experience following feedback from the users and add an upgrade button. All users can send up to 100 emails per day and can upgrade to send more!

May 24, 2019 : support emojis and copy/pasted images. Emoji works in subject or content of email. More quotas are also available for our paid customers: 1500 recipients per day for Gsuite accounts and 500 recipients/day for Gmail consumers.

May 14, 2019 : filters are now compatible with Mailmeteor. You can filter rows or hide rows, Mailmeteor will send emails to visible rows only. It’s pretty useful for follow up campaigns! Analytics and metrics have been reviewed as well to improve the tracking report.

April 11, 2019 : Fully approved and verified by Google. After a 2-months verification process, we are very happy to reach the GSuite store and launch Mailmeteor, a simple, easy and fast product to automate your mailing. Added a beautiful WYSIWYG interface to draft emails in Gsheets.

March 3, 2019 : Onboarding tour is now available to make the interface more friendly and transform each one of you to a professional sender.

January 15, 2019 : Added support for cc, bcc recipients. This release includes one of the key feature that we wanted to create: previewing mail to have a quick look on the campaign and check the personalized variables.

January 7, 2019 - birthday : Introducing Mailmeteor, the easiest solution to send personalized emails. Our add-on is a personal robot that sends emails with your email address from Gmail. It supports variables, email tracking (to track emails clicked and opened - aka opening rates & click rates).

On the roadmap: Image support, add one attachment or multiple attachments (such as pdf), schedule email and send later, check duplicates email, add unsubscribe link... if you want to suggest a feature, contact us at or join our Telegram community : 



You can use Mailmeteor in many different ways, some use cases:

➤ Send bulk emails to your clients, partners or prospects, whether you are part of a large enterprise corporate or running a small business (marketplace, ecommerce...) 
➤ A newsletter solution to send periodic newsletters on your latest products, features, promotion, discount, coupon, news, reports, metrics, polls. 
➤ Greetings at different period of the year (new year’s eve wishes, birthdays, holidays, thanksgiving, halloween and christmas holiday).
➤ Inviting people to an event (webinar, wedding, job-dating, fair, conference, meetup...) and get answers from a large list of guests and invitees. 
➤ Job hunt : apply to many job offers at once and track the status of your application, like a task manager.
➤ Address personalized thank-you emails to HR recruiters, crowdfunding supports, product hunt upvoters, business angels, a friend or family.
➤ Run efficient cold emailing or follow-up campaign to drive & generate new leads, for sales people. 
➤ Manage PR campaigns by contacting journalists or influencers.

Our users are:

- Large companies & small businesses, entrepreneurs or indiehackers in need of an inbound & outbound email campaign tool to contact prospects and potential new clients. 
- Teachers & universities who want to send courses and/or exams grades to their student (at school, university and college) at the end of the week, month or semester.
- Associations, NGO & clubs in order to receive new applications, promote a contest, a call for project, interact with their crew, send communicate with their database of members.
- Businesses and professionals of all kinds looking to send payment reminder to a list of clients based on the unpaid status of their invoices.
- And also startups, digital marketing agencies, consultancy groups...


Mailmeteor is the best mail merge alternative to: Yet another Mail Merge / YAMM, Gmass, Mixmax and to other solutions like formMule, Gmerge, Autocrat or Mailmerge & scheduler. Here’s why:

★ Twice more free quota than other mail merge tools to send batch personalized emails. Send up to 100 emails a day for free and track openings & clicks rates with the built-in mailtrack function.
★ Affordable pricing options from $2.08 per month per user, if you just need a cheap mail merge solution to send personalized emails campaigns once in a while.
★ Mailmeteor is built on the latest technologies for Gsuite so as to ensures your privacy remains protected at all time. Mailmeteor is fast, reliable and powerful. 

Some CRM apps have mail merge features (to mention a few of them: Streak, Boomerang, Hubspot, Sortd, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Intercom or Zendesk). However, you may just need to send mass personalized emails from Gmail or maybe looking for the cheapest mail merge solution rather than heavy marketing tools. Also, there are old technique like Outlook or Microsoft Word mail merge. Forget about this: Mailmeteor is built to just fit your needs.

There are also email marketing solution such as Mailchimp, Sendgrid or Mailjet. These might be heavy and costly solutions whereas you just need a tool to send news letters with Gmail. Make your recipients feels like emails were written by hand, only for them with Mailmeteor. It gives a more personal approach to your communication.

Mailmeteor can be combined with other services to make it even more powerful. Some examples: 
➤ Gather emails from Typeform or Google Forms answers into a Gsheet by connecting them with Zapier. Then you can send a personalized email campaign to these people with Mail meteor. To ensure your email is perfect, use Grammarly to check misspelling in your emails.
➤ Use Mailmeteor to distribute personalized Calendly, Twitch or Zoom links to people so as to schedule a meeting, a conference call or a live stream. Way better time management! 
➤ Interact with your Shopify or Prestashop clients to follow-up on their order, collect reviews or send an invoice. 



By design, your data stays at all times on your Google Spreadsheet. We don’t ask for access to your emailing data, Mailmeteor cannot read your emails (others apps like YAMM or Gmass do can access and read your emails).

Here's all the data we need in order to make Mailmeteor work:
- Your email address and name - to know who you are
- Campaigns sent metadata (spreadsheet name, date of sending - that's all)
- Emails sent metadata (email ID in Gmail, date of sending, open / clicks events - that's all again)

Mailmeteor complies with privacy laws (especially GDPR) to protect your data. 


For our friends around the world, mail merges translates to:  seriendruck | combinar correspondencia | combinación de correspondencia | Stampa unione | e-merge | fusion et publipostage ou envoi groupé d’emails personnalisés | دمج المراسلات | 邮件合并 | מיזוג דואר | 편지 병합  | слияние почты | वीडियो: मेल मर्ज

TWITTER: @mailmeteor 
A User of Mailmeteor: Mail merge
June 25, 2019
Very simple yet powerfull app. It like it!
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A User of Mailmeteor: Mail merge
June 19, 2019
love it
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Govind Rai
June 17, 2019
Its a great tool. I like the UI and Jean in the support team is amazing.
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A User of Mailmeteor: Mail merge
May 28, 2019
It really has changed the way I was doing emailing campaign
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A User of Mailmeteor: Mail merge
May 28, 2019
There's a few mail merge solutions out there, but Mailmeteor is clearly the best in town. It's super fast, clean and so easy to use.
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A User of Mailmeteor: Mail merge
May 26, 2019
Just signed up to paid plan, everything works as expected. Thanks
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A User of Mailmeteor: Mail merge
May 24, 2019
I tried a few similar tools but was happy to found MailMeteor. Absolutely love it, this tool is simple, really easy to use and has great UI.
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A User of Mailmeteor: Mail merge
May 22, 2019
Lovely interface animation, makes the whole sending experience really smooth.
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A User of Mailmeteor: Mail merge
May 22, 2019
Intuitive, rapide, Mailmeteor est la meilleure extension que j'ai pu trouver pour envoyer des mails personnalisés en masse.
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A User of Mailmeteor: Mail merge
May 15, 2019
Top ! Très simple d'utilisation, fait parfaitement le job. Je recommande ;)
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