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Map My Sheet
Make Google Maps directly from Google Sheet data.
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“Map My Sheet” enables users to build Google maps directly from your Google Sheet data. Users can visualize their data from Google Sheet into Google Maps just by configuring “Map My Sheet” add-on and viewing it as web application from any device.


Simple three steps to visualize your data in the Google Map

Step 1  ➤  Prepare data in Google Sheet

Step 2  ➤  Configure map using “Map My Sheet” 

Step 3  ➤  View Map on any device



►  Generate Google Map from your data in Google Sheet

►  Locate based on Address or Geo coordinates (latitude & longitude)

►  Auto generate Geo coordinates (latitude & longitude) from address and preserve for subsequent uses

►  Customize markers with color and animation based on conditional grouping of data

►  Automatic clustering of markers. Enable or disable as needed.

►  Customize the appearance of info window using rich toolset (fonts, color, size etc)

►  Configure and customize dynamic filters (text, choices, etc)

►  Responsive and sophisticated web application to display the resulting Google Map. Works for any device size.

►  Publish Map to anonymous users or to embed into website


We are on a mission to make the powerful Google Map features easy to configure and view at the comfort of Google Sheet.

Basic features of “Map My Sheet” is FREE with limited quota.
Pro features are available as paid features. Please check details in
Google Map API key to be provided by the user when needed. The Google Maps and Map My Sheet usage is subject to terms & conditions and quota restrictions from Google and Jivrus Technologies.


For more details and demo, refer

Contact us at or email for any query or feature request.
A User of Map My Sheet
April 24, 2019
The idea was great, but I was under the impression the map could be imbedded directly onto the Google Sheet. I found Google Maps to be a more simple solution if just creating maps!
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Jake Murphy
April 23, 2019
the potential for this to become a great and helpful add on is very high
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