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Converts spreadsheet selection into GitHub Markdown table with text formatting. Saves to Google Drive.
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NEW IN THIS VERSION: Bug fixes related to font formatting.Thank you for using MarkdownTableMaker. This is the CLASSIC version of MarkdownTableMaker. This is the OFFICIAL version of MarkdownTableMaker for Google Sheets. Created by Bitwise Thermodynamics.

--CHANGED permissions to require less access.
--FIXED issues related to "undefined" hyperlinks
--ADDED YouTube Short URL expansion into YT thumbnail.
--ADDED support for images using IMAGE formula.
--ADDED YouTube URL expansion into YT thumbnail.
--CHANGED export GDrive folder to "MTM Docs".
--CHANGED export filename: shorter
--CHANGED export filename: prefix to suffix
--CHANGED export file extension '.markdown' for clarity
--ADDED compatibility reference chart.
--ADDED support for many platforms and editors.
--IMPROVED monospace font support for `code syntax`
--FIXED strikethrough text bug
--ADDED feature to skip hidden rows and columns.
--FIXED quotes issue for HYPERLINK formula
--IMPROVED text label support for HYPERLINK formula.
--ADDED auto-cropping for faster conversions
--ADDED multi-line text support for GitHub
--ADDED columns alignments based on first selected row
--ADDED monospace font recognition for `code syntax`
--ADDED migration to G Suite Marketplace.


Suppose A1 is a valid URL path:
=HYPERLINK("", "Foo")
=HYPERLINK("" & A1, "Meh")
=HYPERLINK("" & foo!A1, "Bah")
=HYPERLINK("" & foo!A1, """Free""")
=HYPERLINK("" & foo!A1, """""Free""""")
=HYPERLINK("" & foo!A1, """""""""Free""""""""")


"See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files"
--Required to create files and folders in Google Drive

"View and manage spreadsheets that this application has been installed in"
--Required to read the spreadsheet values and properties

"Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications"
--Required to generate the Markdown export sidebar
A User of MarkdownTableMaker
November 7, 2019
Took forever to figure out how to install (because the Chrome Store version just incomprehensibly doesn't work) and then wouldn't allow me to export to a markdown table when I finally got it working (the menu just re-directed me to the help docs)
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A User of MarkdownTableMaker
November 17, 2018
Great thanks!
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A User of MarkdownTableMaker
June 15, 2018
mad useful, works perfectly so far. great add-on!! Thank you :)
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A User of MarkdownTableMaker
December 26, 2016
Works perfectly! Thank you for building the add-on
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Tanner Bornemann
August 24, 2016
Works great. I ran into one thing: I had a cell with =HYPERLINK("","""Free""") as its content and the cell looked like this: "Free" (also underlined since it is a link) and the triple quotes on the Free caused the addon to say "Updating" for 5 minutes before I stopped it to test out only a few cells instead of the whole table. Once I removed the triple quotes and replaced them with single quotes it worked instantly. Other than that, it was perfect! thank you!
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A User of MarkdownTableMaker
May 26, 2015
It works like a charm. Thanks!
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