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Marketing Reports
Automatically pull all your marketing data from multiple sources straight into the Google document and turn your spreadsheet into a powerful dashboard.
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Marketing Reports is an add-on for Google Sheets that allows marketers to access data from multiple external sources directly in the spreadsheet and, furthermore, set up the scheduled reporting.

Save dozens of working hours automating routine operations!


 - Collect all crucial data from multiple sources in one place without leaving the spreadsheet — no more manual export and import.

 - Review and manage previous reports with ease. Refresh data on demand, send it as an email or share the document with your team or partners.

 - Completely automate the tedious reporting process using the daily scheduled reports. Set up once and have your data always up-to-date.

Available Data Sources:

 - Google Analytics
 - Facebook Ads (Facebook, Instagram)
 - MailChimp

Upcoming Data Sources:

 - Facebook Page Insights
 - Bing
 - HubSpot 

Release Notes:

Update 11.10.2019

- Added a hourly reporting trigger

Update 07.08.2019

- Added Facebook breakdown combinations validation.
- Added quick links to the home page.

Update 12.06.2019

 - Facebook actions and relevance score reports bug fixed. It was showing the unformatted results.
 - Display the notification if the report has no data to insert.

Update 14.05.2019

 - Facebook Ads data source connection bug fixed
 - Facebook Ads time range bug fixed
 - Facebook Ads filtering bug fixed
 - Facebook Ads action breakdowns bug fixed
 - Automatically unschedule all reports on trigger removal
 - Fixed UI issue with long metric/dimension/breakdown names

Update 22.04.2019

 - Get reports for specific Facebook campaigns, ad sets and ads.
 - Fixed bug that empty groups were visible on search.

Update 14.04.2019

 - Fixed bug with losing data source connection.
 - Fixed bug with Safari browser when connecting a data source.
 - Fixed bug with scrolling.
 - Sticky top navigation bar implemented.
 - Small UI fixes and enhancements.

Update 07.04.2019

 - Added the MailChimp integration. Get the reports with selected metrics for one or multiple email campaigns.
 - Small UI fixes.


 - You can have only one trigger per document.
 - Having multiple Google accounts logged in at the same time in one browser might cause errors.

Known Issues:

 - Trigger always sends data to the first sheet of the document.
A User of Marketing Reports
April 19, 2019
Connot retrieve accounts from Facebook. even after connecting multiple times I like the idea, mbut maybe it is too god to be true
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A User of Marketing Reports
April 4, 2019
Doesn't work
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A user of Marketing Reports
April 7, 2019
I am sorry to hear about your experience. If you're open to discussing this further, could you specify what exactly didn't work for you? You can also contact me via email or in-app. I'd much appreciate the opportunity to make things right.
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