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Track the value of all US stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies in your portfolio. Marketview lets you pull real-time financial data into your sheets and take full control of your investment portfolio.
Listing updated:October 7, 2021
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Pull real-time quotes, financial indicators, and more into your sheets to have the information you need to make better decisions all in one place. Marketview gives you the control to manage your investments better.


➤ MANAGE AS YOU LIKE: Pull all the financial data you need into your sheets and personalize your dashboards to visualize your investment portfolio in a way that suits your needs.
➤ TAKE FULL CONTROL: Don’t miss out on any opportunity. Track the value of all US stocks, ETFs, and crypto in your portfolio while monitoring your potential investments simultaneously.
➤ MAKE BETTER DECISIONS: Stop guessing and taking risks. Know the status of your investments at any time by having the information you need all in one place.


➤ 2500+ financial assets supported: US stocks, ETFs, and the most popular cryptocurrencies
➤ Returns real-time data and historical data
➤ Fundamental, technical, and performance indicators available
➤ Quick and easy to set up: as simple as =MARKETVIEW(A1, "price")
➤ Formula Builder to create complex custom functions in a few clicks
➤ Auto-update of real-time data every 60 minutes
➤ Unlimited data calls/day for every user


➤ Real-time data:
	⁃ Real-time price quote
	⁃ Price as of market open
	⁃ Previous day's closing price
	⁃ Price change since the previous day's close
	⁃ Percentage change in price 
	⁃ Current day's high & low prices
	⁃ 52-week high & low prices
	⁃ Current trading volume
	⁃ Market cap of the stock
	⁃ Beta value
	⁃ P/E ratio
	⁃ Earnings per share
	⁃ Forward dividend & yield
	⁃ 1Y price target estimate
	⁃ Recommended ratings: daily, weekly, monthly
	⁃ Bearish and bullish sentiment levels
	⁃ Stock’s industry 
	- Stock’s logo (most popular stocks only)
➤ Historical data:
	⁃ Price change 1W, 1M, YTD, 1Y, and 3Y


1. Click on the FORMULA BUILDER menu to open the add-on sidebar.
2. In “Insert in Cell” input the cell reference (e.g. “B2”) of where you want to insert the data.
3. In “Ticker Symbol Cell” input the CELL REFERENCE of where the corresponding ticker is located (e.g. “A2”).
4. Select then the Data Type you want to pull and the specific Data Attribute from the dropdown menus (e.g. “Real Time Data” and “Price”)
5. Click on Create and in a few seconds you’ll see the data generated in the cell selected in step 1.


Have questions or need help getting started? Please check our 

User Manual:


Or contact us here, our team will get back to you in 24 hours or less:



We offer a 15-day trial to test all the features of Marketview for free. No credit card required, install the add-on and enjoy it!
After the free trial, upgrade to enjoy unlimited access to all Marketview data for as low as $2.99/month (Just $0.1 /day) for a year.



April 25th 2021 - The user manual and ticker database now open automatically also for users with external links and pop-ups disabled in their browser settings.

March 29th 2021 - +200 new crypto assets have been added to our database. Marketview now lets you track all cryptocurrencies listed on Yahoo Finance.

March 17th 2021 - Our crypto database has been expanded. Marketview now supports all TOP 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap!

March 16th 2021 - Marketview’s server & database have been migrated to a Google Cloud Enterprise solution to support the increasing number of users and volume of data calls. Data loading and auto-updating are now much faster and guarantee superior performances! 

January 15th 2021 - The compatibility issue with older versions of Marketview (e.g. ‘unknown function’ error message) has been fixed and the data loading error has been resolved.

October 16th 2020 - Marketview has been upgraded with new and more complete functionalities such as: new and improved historical data and charts; unlimited data calls/day for every user (including trial users).

August 11th 2020 - The invalid syntax issue due to some users’ Google Sheets locale has been fixed. The Formula Builder will now automatically identify and generate the correct syntax based on your locale settings. Enjoy creating custom functions in a few clicks!



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Marketview (This add-on) and its authors are not responsible for any trading loss incurred by following the data returned. Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice.




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Alex Kway
June 20, 2021
love it !
Is this review helpful?
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Sorranut kuwentrai
August 16, 2021
if INVALID TICKER CELL REFERENCE = close sheet then open
Is this review helpful?
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Tyler Busby
September 2, 2021
Great tool!
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Dean Garamella
February 9, 2021
Not working at all, I add a new item and nothing happens! Seems easy just does not work!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Ash Hallett
January 24, 2021
Doesn't appear to be working at all...... won't fill cells with any data whatsoever
Is this review helpful?
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BJS Photography
February 7, 2021
Love this plug in but it wont update throughout the day. only once. even if i close out and reopen.
Is this review helpful?
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Brenda George
July 8, 2021
I just downloaded and installed the app today, after growing tired of YahooFinance listing stale data without constant manual refreshing. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that Marketview is easier to configure than YahooFinance as well. Now, a few of my stocks weren't in the Marketview database; the developers provide contact information and request that you let them know in these cases. What a surprise to receive a pleasant email back in roughly 20 minutes, advising me that the missing stock data would be available within twelve hours. They've showed up in my Google Sheets workbook in under four! I'm a relatively new investor, so not a power user by any means. But regardless of your status, you won't do better for a developer's responsiveness and the performance quality here. I am definitely upgrading to a full account at the end of this trial period. Very happy with Marketview.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
January 12, 2021
Love this plug in- I'm so glad I found it!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Craig Tingey
February 12, 2021
Not working - I used the CELL reference, nothing happens. User Guide does not open either
Is this review helpful?
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Blake Ingleton
May 20, 2021
Great tool
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