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Meraki Tools
A collection of reports and tools for a Cisco Meraki network.
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A collection of powerful reports and tools to manage a Cisco Meraki organization. 

# Reports

Send report data directly to Google Sheet
Export JSON data to CSV file
View JSON results in tool
Dynamic selectors and options makes for an easy way to explore the data.
Reports are dynamically generated from the Meraki OpenAPI specification

# Tools

Provision a client
Configure an SSID
Configure a VLAN
Claim Order/Serial/License

# Utilities
JSON to Sheet

## Disclaimer
This tool is a PoC and comes with no warranty or support. 

For more examples of solutions built with the Meraki API, check out

# Change Log:
- fixed permissions issues causing the add-on to fail to load.
- fixed Open API Spec report failing to display in sheet. (28-jun-2019)
- refactor request handling and OAS parsing.
- fixed styles as a result of Vuetify dependency. (28-jul-2019)
- added Loss & Latency timespan selectors, improved styles. (15-aug-2019)
- improved error handling for reports that do not have required parameters. (19-aug-2019)
- improved OpenAPI report with group tag info. Updated webpage URL (21-aug-2019)
- fixed timespan selector bug (22-aug-2019)
- fixed organizations report bug (22-aug-2019)
- fixed param requirements bug (23-aug-2019)
- added "JSON to Sheet" tool (26-aug-2019)
- OAS 0.5.0 support, event log, maps (4-Nov-2019)
- Open API Explorer tool(4-Nov-2019)
Tony Carmichael
September 8, 2019
Super useful. Meraki just added the ability to pull current device firmware to the API, and this tool already has support for it! Awesome work!
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A User of Meraki Tools
July 16, 2019
Thank you!
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A User of Meraki Tools
July 10, 2019
Still familiarizing with the features and functionalities. Hope there's some tutorial about this. But All in all, it's I guess a good app.
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A User of Meraki Tools
July 10, 2019
Great one. Recommended!
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