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Manage your Shopify or Stripe business through Gmail. Save time on customer interactions.
When you're reading an email from a customer, we automatically identify the customer and order being discussed. You no longer have to waste time looking up that information in the Shopify and Stripe applications. All the information you need is presented within Gmail, with no extra effort. This cuts down on guesswork and saves time, letting you respond to the most common customer requests in just a few clicks.

You can also perform the most common order management operations directly within Gmail. From capturing payments to canceling orders. With Merchant Mail, you can delight your customers by responding in record time.


Order management
* Cancel orders
* View payment details
* Restock items
* Archive orders
* Unarchive orders

Payment management
* Capture payments
* Refund payment

Fulfillment management
* Fulfill orders
* View fulfillment details

Customer management
* Edit customer details
* View all orders
* View all payments
* Create new customers
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