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#1 CRM for small businesses who use QuickBooks. Work gets easier when you keep your customer follow-ups all in one place, and right inside your Gmail!
With Method’s Google Gadget you can update your CRM contacts, activities, follow-ups, opportunities, cases and documents from right inside your Gmail inbox. Our 5-star integration means you can stop flipping between your email and your CRM! And the best part is it’s FREE with your Method:CRM subscription.

Designed specifically for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier and Enterprise). 
• Supports international versions of QuickBooks including U.S., Canada, UK and Australia. 
• View Customer and Vendor contact information, account balances directly inside Gmail. 
• View and generate QuickBooks transactions including invoices, estimates, sales receipts, and payments. 
• Generate portal links so that customers can view and pay invoices online, edit their contact information, or submit customer service tickets. 
• Create new customers, leads and vendors that instantly sync into QuickBooks. 
• Integrates with so that email attachments instantly appear in the SmartVault toolbar in QuickBooks. 
• Built on the Method CRM platform, so you also have a full fledged CRM with activities, sales opportunities, customer service cases, document management, service scheduling and web-to-lead forms. 
• Fully customizable back-end platform that allows you to create your own business system by adding your own fields, tables, screens, buttons and actions. 

• QuickBooks is *required* to use this application. 
• At this time, this gadget integrates with Gmail and Google Calendar only. It does not integrate with Google Contacts. 
Sean Pearson
February 20, 2018
I’m a Licensed CPA and QuickBooks ProAdvisor and from 2010 until very recently, I was an Advanced Method Consultant - that is until Method deleted all of our company’s data...not once but twice - forcing us to rebuild our data from scratch. After that I could not in good conscience recommend Method to our QuickBooks clients as an option for CRM and in fact I’ve been moving my clients off the platform. It’s unsafe but they won’t admit that. To make matters worse, Method’s founder and CEO, tried to buy my silence by asking me to sign an NDA in exchange for a cash payment, which I refused. People need to know that their data is not safe with Method no matter how great some of their features may seem to be. And they also need to know that our situation is not an isolated incident. You’ve been warned.
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T. Camille Mitchell
March 12, 2018
I'm an Accountant and need to find a new CRM. What are you using now?
Andrew Brown
May 28, 2015
Everything about Method looks great! Until you try to use it. After watching countless videos, reading manuals, getting lost, and re-installing the account (to bypass the mess I made of the custom configurations) I am now four weeks in, dozens of hours lost, and really no closer to making Method work the way it should. And wouldn't you know...I am #20 in the queue for a service call from a $140/hr tech who can walk me through. Number 20 after four weeks? I know the gmail integration works beautifully, since it worked before I reset the system. Now I can't get squat from it, along with most of the rest of Method. This is a good CRM, but I think you have to be a genius, or loaded with money to spend on those never-arriving techs, in order to get whatever promise it holds.
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A User of Method
October 5, 2012
Method CRM activities are now synced with my Google Calendar, so I can see and manage them seamlessly on any device with Google! I also use this gadget throughout the day to record client emails as CRM activities and much more from my inbox. While viewing a sent or received email, it does a great job of matching up existing Method CRM contacts, but if the contact isn't already in Method CRM, they can be added quickly without leaving the Google interface. Adding follow-ups, opportunities, cases, or client documents is also easily done from my inbox.
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Victoria Cameron
July 20, 2012
This gadget really has improved my work flow. Last week I moved my company’s email over to Google’s servers, just in order to be able to use this Gadget. I love the way MethodCRM helps me keep track of my ToDo lists and project activities with different clients, and was excited when I heard about the ease of use when logged into Gmail. Now every time I get an email from a client, the Gadget pops up with a complete history of our interactions: recent activities, transactions, customer support cases, and documents I’ve stored either in Method or SmartVault. I can create a new activity or update a case, straight from my Gmail. Even better, the gadget lets me create a new lead from an email – no more cutting and pasting. As a Quickbooks consultant, I started using Method because I was excited about the way it could solve for business process issues when QuickBooks couldn’t. The CRM component was an unexpected bonus. Now I can’t live without MethodCRM, and, I expect soon, this gadget.
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Catherine Wolfe
July 20, 2012
From the moment you install it and sync with Method, your life becomes a little less complicated! Now instead of searching for my customer and updating in another program, I simply look at the info that is provided by Method all within my email screen. I can add an appointment for the customer or edit their information. I can see contact info on the customer and if it's a potential client, add them as a new lead. This is my favorite gadget for time-saving integration.
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Mark Crews
July 17, 2012
The MethodCRM google gadget is fantastic. We were expecting a simple way to move gmail into our CRM. Our expectations were blown out of the water. The gadget provides visibility to all aspects for your CRM data which includes QuickBooks data. Imagine receiving an email and having instant access to the customer's invoices, orders, sales opportunities, and customer support cases.
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Randall Dickey
July 15, 2012
As a Gadget Guy, having around 10 of them that I use regularly (and many more that didn't make the grade ) I was excited to see a Google Gadget for easing the management of my Method CRM and Customer billing information from by Google inbox. I must say Method did an excellent job with this and I am removing a few more existing gadgets thanks to Method. The method gadget is rich in functionality and has performed very well. While managing your email, the feature set allows you to immediatly create a new lead, schedule a followup activity for that lead, create a new opportunity and connect the contact to an existing campaign...without ever leaving your Gmail inbox. This is highly effecient and effective; it responds quickly and is very intuitive. If the email is for an existing customer or an existing lead; you can choose these same options as well as adding a new contact to the existing customer account. Working with existing customers/contacts; you have the added ability to see recent activites, transactions, customer support cases, opportunities and related documents. The most recent details are included directly in the gadget and one click access is provided to the full informatino stored in your method account. The gadget is a real time saver and a great extension of the Method Integration CRM system. If you are a Quickbooks and Google Apps user; adding Method Integration CRM and this gadget to your gmail should be given some serious consideration.
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