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miniOrange Authentication Service
Provides secure access to any cloud, web and legacy app with our strong authentication methods and single sign on to any enterprise application with miniOrange Single Sign On Services.
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miniOrange acts as a gateway for Single Sign On between two apps and does not store any form of data in between. We can integrate Google Apps with any type of app even if it does not understand any standard protocol like SAML, OpenId Connect or OAuth. miniOrange Single Sign-On service can establish trust between two apps (via secure https endpoint and automated user mapping) to achieve SSO.
With miniOrange you can take complete control over application access, user provisioning and deprovisioning in real time and you can also add second factor authentication. Our Identity and access management system is rooted in G Suite which provides an identity for authentication. 

Key features:  
• Single Sign-On
miniOrange provides secure access to Google Apps for enterprises and full control over access of Google Apps application. Single Sign On (SSO) into your Google Apps account with one set of login credentials.

• Directory Integration
miniOrange Authentication Products have ready integrations with number of leading provides, miniOrange will automatically import the user accounts from G Suite so you don't have to import them by manually. Users can synchronize with G Suite in real time so that any changes in roles, groups are reflected directly into G-Suite. 

• Password Sync
It will automatically keeps your users passwords in sync with their active directory passwords. It will never changes active directory password; it only syncs Active Directory password changes to your organization's Google Account.

• Restrict Access based on Network Location
miniOrange allows you to restrict the use of Google Apps only within an intranet ( office premises ) and it will block and limit the user/employee access from outside network in this way you can get full control and access to secure your network. you can also keep access open for some users from outside network by creating a different group for them. Read more..

• Time Based Access Restriction 
You can restrict the hours during which users/employees can log in and the range of IP addresses from which they can log in and access the apps. In this way, time based access restriction policy allow Google apps admin to restrict users/employees from using google apps after a specific working hours in a day.

• Two Factor Authentication
miniOrange 2 Factor Authentication supports widest range of strong authentication methods(One Time Passcodes, Security questions, etc.), helps you increase the security of your resources at minimum cost.

• Multi-Domain Support
Configure separate settings for your Google Apps primary domain and each secondary domain.

• Google Organizational Units (OUs)
Google Organizational Units (OUs) are typically used to grant access to various resources within Google Apps, such as access to Drive, Gmail, Calendar, and Google Apps Marketplace.It can be used to restrict access to all google apps and allow selective access to few of the apps. By default, all users belong to your account's top-level organization. But you can move a user to a sub organization you create. The user can then access the features and services available to that suborganization.

• Privileged Identity Management
A lot of care is needed to ensure that Privileged Identities are not abused or misused. With miniOrange PIM you can manage, monitor, control and protect access within an organization to reduce the risk of security breaches. 
1.It will help your organization to see which users are assigned privileged roles to manage the account resources (Preview), as well as which users are assigned administrative roles in G suite account.
2.You can get alerts about changes in administrator assignments. 
3.You can also watch a history of administrator activation, including what changes administrators made to G suite resources (Preview). 
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