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miniOrange Authentication Service
Provides secure access to any cloud, web and legacy app with our strong authentication methods and single sign on to any enterprise application with miniOrange Single Sign On Services.
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miniOrange provides secure access to Google Apps for enterprises – Be it access from their own laptop/mobile device or a company provided one. As employees attempt to access Google services like Google Drive or Google Mail with their corporate accounts, miniOrange ensures that they are who they say they are by enforcing strong authentication at the point of entry. Once authenticated, miniOrange provides single sign on to all the other resources they are authorized to get access to. In addition to this, miniOrange Fraud Prevention solution catches any suspicious user behavior and either denies access if the risk is high or enforces strong authentication if the risk is moderate.

1. Provides SAML integration to your favorite Google Apps such as Gmail, Drive, etc.
2. Access to Google Apps for your enterprise enforcing strong authentication. For our various strong authentication methods, refer
3. Single Sign On to cloud-based apps for your enterprise
4. Device, Location and Time of access based risk assessments provided for the safety of your information and prevention from frauds
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February 2, 2015
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