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Team email and group chat, one app for all your internal and external communication. The best work management solution, try it for free!
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Missive offers a full work management solution (email, chat, tasks) where you communicate with your team internally, orchestrate development and collaborate over the communication you have with the outside world.

Team email that works

We started by building a full-featured email app where you’ll feel right at home.
On top of that, we added shared conversations for when things require more than two eyeballs. It lets you invite teammates and chat within email threads.
What’s more? You can compose emails together. Ask someone to proofread a draft, they can edit in real-time and even send on your behalf.

Team chat you can control

Email is too slow for internal discussions, to fix this we brought threaded chats to your inbox. Each has a distinct subject and just the right participants.

With such scoped conversations, no topic gets buried. This leads to a truly asynchronous workflow and avoids the fear of missing out you get in other chat apps.

Lastly, we offer you the same tools to process and manage chats alongside emails. It will become second nature for you to archive and snooze chats.

Work management, done right.

As foreign as chat is to email, mixing them unleashes unforeseen possibilities. Missive is the one app you’ll ever need to manage your work life.

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