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MobileForce SalesVelocity is a Sales Transformation Solution that takes Sales Teams to the next-level of Sales Productivity by intelligently preparing them for customer interactions, automatically surfacing the most relevant content for their meetings and automating critical follow-up sales tasks including CRM updates. SalesVelocity increases "selling time" by 25% or more every week for sales users through its unique, AI-driven "Single Pane of Glass" technology that seamlessly integrates popular CRM functions, G Suite Apps and other Cloud App workflows, eliminating the need for users to manually swivel between multiple consoles, search and compile information and perform cut-n-paste. With SalesVelocity, sales users can ace every customer interaction with confidence and close more deals, faster. MobileForce SalesVelocity works on the Web and is also available as a Mobile App on Google Play and Apple App Store.
Do you want to increase your "selling time" dramatically by automating many of your mundane daily sales tasks? Sales teams at visionary Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies use MobileForce SalesVelocity everyday to close more deals, faster.

If you are a user of CRM technology such as Salesforce, Dynamics365, Oracle or Zoho, you already know they help you manage your opportunities while at work or at your home office, but they do not help you in the act of selling in front of your customers.

To prepare and execute a customer interaction, you constantly have to swivel between multiple websites and applications to manually search, navigate and compile all the information relevant to that customer meeting. This might include information from your CRM, Email, Content repositories, LinkedIn, News and other sources.

Ever wonder if there was a way to AUTOMATICALLY:

- Prepare you for every customer interaction in minutes with all relevant data, in one view
- Surface the right marketing content and customer data in real-time during a meeting
- Guide you through critical follow-up tasks post meeting
- Update your CRM records on your behalf
- Recommend relevant information to share with customers to maximize success

The MobileForce SalesVelocity app delivers all of the above for you making you more efficient and productive in the act of selling.

The MobileForce SalesVelocity "Single Pane of Glass" app works out of the box with GSuite, Office365, Microsoft Exchange, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics365, Oracle Sales Cloud, Zoho CRM, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Box, Dropbox, SharePoint Online and many other cloud apps you use everyday.

And better yet, you can use it on your mobile device (iOS or Android), laptop and desktop. The MobileForce mobile app is available on Google Play and Apple Appstore for download.

Give it a try for FREE and start increasing your SELLING TIME by HOURS today! 
You will be a Sales ROCKSTAR in no time!
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Chris Jr Williams
February 22, 2021
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