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This add-on for Google Sheets provides a seamless data exchange between Salesforce Cloud and Google Sheets. SOQL Loader for gSheets.
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You will be impressed how easy now you can work with Salesforce using MySalesData for Google Sheets (MSD) as the one of the main interfaces for it.

If you new Salesforce client – MSD will help you to tune in to Salesforce as fast as possible.

Using MSD you can work in a team.

MSD helps decreasing mistakes, gaining the productivity, and speed up you work with Salesforce data and objects.

Fully functional SOQL Loader  allows to the analysts, developers and architects populate any object in Salesforce from legacy systems.

See any object data and object description from Salesforce in Goole Sheet a couple of clicks.

Product Features:

 - Login using your account to Salesforce Production or Sandbox from Google Sheets (completely safely using the modern OAuth 2.0 connection protocol);
 - REST API Support;
 - SOAP API Support;
 - Pull data from existing reports;
 - Pull data from Salesforce using SOQL query builder;
 - Support of templates that store SOQL;
 - Fully functional SOWL Loader that allows you to insert, update and merge data from gSheet to Salesforce
 - Get information about the fields of the object that you are currently working with;
 - Refresh data by request for one sheet;
 - Merge local changes with information that is now stored on the server
 - Delete rows in automatic mode, using the backlight for cells that stores the id and manually providing rows Id

Product Requirements:

You must have the active Production or Sandbox Salesforce account and active personal or corporate Gmail account.
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