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Access and analyze your Essbase data in Google Sheets, just as you do from Smart View in Excel.
Casabase Software has created the first and only way to connect Google Sheets to Oracle Essbase Cloud. And now the add-on supports connecting to on-premise Essbase environments through our ExoInsight product. No matter where your Essbase instance resides, you get the same great experience!
Our add-on for Oracle Essbase gives Google Sheets the familiar ad-hoc retrieval capability for Essbase you’ve known and loved for years in Microsoft Excel with first the classic Essbase Add-In and then Smart View. Retrieve directly from your Oracle Analytic Cloud Essbase cubes into Google Sheets using all your favorite functions:

·        Pivot
·        Unpivot
·        Drill-down
·        Drill-up
·        Retrieve with Formulas
·        Keep Only
·        Remove Only
·        Save (Submit) data: even select a calc script to run after submit
·        Run calc scripts
·        Multiple retrieves per sheet

Our Essbase Add-in gives you the ability to submit data directly back to your on-premise cube, making it a viable alternative to Hyperion Planning or Oracle PBCS. The ability to run a calc script on save makes this even more compelling.
The add-on acts as a conduit for your Oracle Analytics Cloud assets to your Google Sheets documents. If you’ve been retrieving your Essbase data with Smart View and then copying/pasting into Google Sheets, or converting your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to Google Sheets, these steps are no longer necessary. 

No longer are you restricted to only using Microsoft Excel, now you’re free to utilize the best cloud-based spreadsheet solution for your Essbase data. Google Sheets provides a robust, completely cloud-based spreadsheet solution that can now be utilized by Essbase users everywhere. Incorporating Essbase data into Google Sheets allows you to take advantage of all the functionality it offers, such as:

·        Simultaneous real-time collaboration on a single spreadsheet across multiple users
·        Access your spreadsheets anywhere, on any device
·        Robust visualization options
·        Automatic file saving
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