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Ok Goldy
Perform G Suite Bulk Operations easily right from Google sheets
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Perform G Suite bulk operations easily right from your Google sheets,You can perform actions such as-:
1. Create, Update, Suspend, Delete and Export G Suite Users in bulk.
2. Create, Delete, Export G Suite Groups.
3. Add, Delete, Export members from the G Suite Groups.
4. Add, Delete, Export user aliases (nick names) in bulk.
A User of Ok Goldy
August 21, 2019
Really nice, clean add on. Any plans to add chrome device management or inventory to it?
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A User of Ok Goldy
June 24, 2019
Great tool to manage emails on bulk.
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A user of Ok Goldy
August 5, 2019
Hello Goldy I am facing this error while installing Addon in firefox .."Please uninstall app for domain in Admin Console."
Goldy Arora
June 25, 2019
Thank you, am glad its helping you perform bulk G Suite operations.
A User of Ok Goldy
May 3, 2019
Thank you! You are a life saver. Nothing worse than having to migrate another G-Suite domain to ours and not being able to pull a full list of Groups and Members to import with new names. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Can you get this to work with Team Drives :-)
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Goldy Arora
May 7, 2019
Your welcome, glad it helps you perform bulk G Suite operations and save some time. I plan to add group settings for now to let G Suite admin can group settings in bulk, however i'll keep team drive in mind for the next one:).
Roberto Forlano
January 30, 2019
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Goldy Arora
March 11, 2019
Thank you, glad it could help you perform bulk operations in G Suite.
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