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OrangeSlice: Student Rubric
Easily and quickly make rubric selections and provide your peer holistic and written feedback.
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This is the student version of Teacher Rubric.  Students are able to review their peer's work, make rubric selections and provide written feedback.  The complete bundle of feedback is then presented to the student with a professional appearance.

The peer's review becomes a permanent record on the student's assignment.  Once the teacher uses Teacher Rubric to make the final assessment, the peer's comments and rubric feedback are maintained.  This allows the student to see their progression from early on until the end.  In fact, the teacher can deepen the student's journey by doing a spot check, holistic review of the student's work.  At the conclusion of the assignment, there would be record of three reviews: a peer's review, a teacher's holistic review and finally the teacher's final grade.  This historical record can then be the starting point student reflections and teacher-student conversations on how to improve.
Jim Frye
February 23, 2017
Orange Slice Student version is not showing the grading in the sidebar of the Chromebooks. The sidebar comes up, but it is blank. Any assistance here?
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A user of OrangeSlice: Student Rubric
February 25, 2017
Jim, sorry about that. I haven't made a change to the add-on in months. When an add-on does not come up, it's typically due to the release of chrome a user has. I'm not sure why, but it seems some districts are delayed from the latest chrome release which can interfere with the add-on's ability to function. The issue never lasts long and at most I've seen it last a few days with some users.
Heather Fleming
December 7, 2016
We are using the student rubric for the first time this week, or at least: we are trying to use it. Unfortunately, only about one half of my 120 students have been successful in getting the rubric to load, and we are currently entering our THIRD hour of trying. I am about to give up. The teacher rubric loads with no problem, so why not the student rubric? Please advise.
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A user of OrangeSlice: Student Rubric
February 15, 2017
Heather, ugh. I hope it eventually started working for you. Typically when a 'load' issue occurs, it's the user's network; otherwise, none of the students would be able to load Student Rubric. Did the issue resolve itself?
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