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Social Intranet, Easy Wiki and Document Management
226,833 users
Build your own Google Apps intranet with drag & drop in minutes. Easily create pages and online forms to share, discuss & collect information and files. A great social intranet for any organization.

= A personalized intranet for your Google Apps users
= Easily share information and discussions, work better together
= Online forms to collect data & process requests


** All your information in one place. 
A knowledge base, intranet site or internal wiki for your team. Create pages with rich text, images, files, discussions, checklists and more. Design everything with drag & drop --no technical knowledge required! 

** Collect data and process requests with online forms. 
Need to collect data from colleagues and clients? Use Papyrs to add online forms to your pages. Create reports in a convenient data table. Add a status field to add a workflow for processing requests. 

** Powerful Search 
Find back all your documents, discussions and Google Drive data instantly with the search bar. 

** Fine grained permissions settings 
Use permissions controls to set who can view and edit pages, and who may submit and manage form data. 

** Collaborate with colleagues and clients 
Share pages with your Google Apps team members, or invite external users (by email) to share a page. Publish a page to allow public access (extranet). 

** An easy to use employee portal 
Centralize all your discussions and information. Create dashboards with the latest news, company updates and forms.

** Organize your information 
Use folders to categorize your pages. Keep track of changes with a full version history of every page. 

** Notifications 
Receive email notifications about updates, discussions and form entries. 

** A social intranet 
Discuss with co-workers, share status updates, and stay up to date with the Activity Stream. 

** Change the Papyrs Theme to match the style of your organization. It's all easily customizable from the theme editor, from banners to the menu bar.

** Create profile pages and an employee photo directory for your coworkers. 

** Fast, friendly, and personal support!

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August 25, 2016
Great product for those who are looking for a simple but effective intranet solution, its easily customizable to your needs and a great tool to get information out to employees and members, the Google Apps integration works really well and gives you the possibility to use google drive to serve files to people on the intranet.
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October 3, 2014
Highly recommend this product for multiple reasons. Personally, I use it as a visual, understandable, interactive "operations manual" and database for my small startup. i.e: storing contact info, brand assets, project outlines, company documents, ideas foundry, surveys, breaking news, and even a scratch pad for my quick thoughts so I don't have to leave the browser window. It's easy to use without being simple in use. It's easy to get started quickly and develop as time goes on without seeming unfinished. It's got multiple uses and well documented explanations about the various things one could do with this product. (that is often missing in other systems... I just want to know the various ways I can apply your system to MY needs). It's not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are many different ways to go about using this product and it has been so easy to create quality pages, that I don't worry about scaling in the future. It is scaleable without being energy intensive. It is visually interesting and thats very important to many of us who rely on visual cues to retain and absorb information. A simple thing like the ability to adjust colors, add a logo, adjust the layout - have major impact on some of us. It's something I refuse to work without. On that last point, I'm a very small company of 1-1/2 to 2 people ! I have been tirelessly searching for a system for months that would enable me to create an "intranet for one" - a place where I can do, and link to much of my work without fending off the distraction of the internet that comes from jumping into the browser so many times. I've tested everything from Bitrix to Podio to Zoho to Apptivo to Google Sites - etc, etc. They each have their individual merits, but as a total package for my needs, this is the one that happily ended my search. Finding a system of organization like this outside of the expensive -enterprise level is still difficult to find out there. Because I want to grow quickly and efficiently, my plan has been to never do the same thing twice, so the idea of building one system now just to knock it down and build another one "when I grow up" seems silly. I'm building my company as I go and Papyrs is the kind of service that I can see being there with me at each step . When the day comes that I take on additional employees, the structure is already built and the information is already there and ready to go. I also have some memory issues and I am always looking for a product that can help me organize and maintain an easy-to-use, visually interesting interface where I can store all my manuals, tips, instructions, details, and other items that I would otherwise have to try and find or remember every time I perform an irregular task. This is a product that makes that process very simple. AND THE BEST PART ABOUT THIS PRODUCT is that it is run by REAL PEOPLE behind the cold screens at which we sit. When I presented my scenario and explained my tiny use-case to them, they were incredibly helpful in ensuring that I had a solution that enabled me to succeed in growing my business because they "know what it's like to start out". It's a personal touch and level of service you don't find often these days, especially when you are the little guy that adds almost nothing to their bottom line. It honestly was surprising to me, and though their product is good enough to gain your loyalty by itself, there should be little hesitation after knowing you will have helpful folks on the other side who understood and value the importance of your success - big and small. I'm very happy to finally stop looking for that elusive "solution".
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August 13, 2013
We had a big internal knowledge-sharing challenge within our organisation. We have compared multiple tools and platforms out there. When testing Papyrs, we came to the conclusion that it suits our needs best and it is extremely user-friendly too. We are now using Papyrs for various purposes, from document-sharing to creating and filling out forms and from sharing inspiring project-related information to commenting on each other's input. We also attach great value to the fact that the interface of Papyrs looks nice. It is very easy to change the way pages look and to bring structure ON a page and BETWEEN pages. And the fact that it is integrated with our Google Mail is a really great add-on. Lastly, the people at Stunf, although we have never met them, are very friendly and helpful. We are now letting our Papyrs platform grow amongst our employees, it is getting bigger and livelier every day. Thank you Stunf!
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A Google User
February 28, 2013
Keeping organized and handling all of the daily functions of business and life are made so much easier with Papyrs. Not only does it connect with google to enable easy access to the cloud, but it also is set up so that every user can make it feel personalized. The support is friendly and efficient and it is a great resource for my small business.
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A Google User
October 29, 2012
We have tested it on 5 clients so far and all 5 clients have remarked how good it is. One even wished his other professional advisers used it!
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May 21, 2012
Just started using the app and used the help button right within the App to communicate with the developers. Their response was immediate which was amazing also taking into account that it was a Sunday Afternoon. The features are also great and it is going to be an asset for my small business.
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A Google User
April 16, 2012
This was fresh breath among the marketplace apps. Very ease to use but still high quality application. Support acts quickly to emails and friendly staff helps and responses professionally even with unnecessary and stupid questions. =) I can recommend this truly!
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April 5, 2012
Whilst you do lose a little flexibility of placing or sizing some of the widgets the overall experience here is fantastic: I could teach a 5-year old to make a page with this system. Templating/Copying is well implemented and sharing is transparent and powerful. Some new layout themes would be a great addition and I notice the spellings are US english which is not my "favorite" way to spell UK words. Customer service is excellent - very responsive!! Even with the niggles and the fact that the product can be made even better I can't help but give this 5 stars. :)
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February 24, 2012
Papyrs is an amazing app! From creating forms and collecting data to making project pages with team member communication. Papyrs has made it possible for us to create the web features we need quickly and easily. This in return means we spend more time working on our projects and not designing or maintain a site. The Stunf Team has done an incredible job in making this product.
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