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Password Protect
Password protection security for your Google Sheets while keeping your files in their native format.
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Password protect your Google Docs and Sheets while maintaining their native format.

The perfect security tool for Docs and Sheets!
Other solutions take your files out of their native format, forcing you to either a PDF or an entirely different document management system. With Password Protect, it’s as easy as you would expect: 1) decide you want to password protect a file, 2) add your password, and 3) the file is moved into the Digital Access Management (DAM) Security Vault for safekeeping. When you are ready to access the file again, open the access file in your DAM Secure Vault Access folder and provide the password. Nothing lost, only secured.

Main features:
--Secure your file with a password of your choosing.
--Try pass phrases to put the file in context that you can remember, but other can’t easily guess.
--Add a duration that a secured file can remain unsecured.
--When a file in an unsecured state reaches the preset duration, the file is locked from view from any that have it open and placed back in the vault.
--Share the secured file as you share a file today and the file will be made available only when you have unlocked the file for access.
--Share the DAM Secure Vault Access file and your password as you share a file today and the access file will be made available for others to unlock the secured file.
--This is great for a team of collaborators that need access to the file at different times.
November 26, 2016
This has to be one of the worst, most pathetic excuse for an extension of all time. You actually have to pay to password files. xD Lmao. Petty and pathetic, I'm totally finding a way to report this as a scam. Get over yourself. No one will pay for such an app. First, learn how to develop and make it user-friendly and don't make it an add-on, but a stand-alone Google DRIVE app. Second, as a developer myself, I know actual companies and extensions that use E2EE and don't charge a cent. Don't install this app, folks. There are free, better alternatives or other services that are worth the money.
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