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Pear Deck
Interactive presentations to help you engage every student in your class every day!
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Why Use Pear Deck?
Get 100% student engagement immediately

Students understand class material better.
Students are more interested in the material.
You know which students are stuck, who’s ready for more, and what’s confusing them.
You can give every student a voice, even the shyest or most reticent.
In 2015, we worked with the NYC Department of Education Office of Innovation & EdTech iZone and Johns Hopkins University to study the efficacy of Pear Deck in the classroom. The study found 65% of students agreed that Pear Deck helped them understand class material better, and 61% reported that it increased their interest in class material.

How it works:
Pear Deck lets students interact with your presentation from any device. 

Transform existing Google Slides, PPTs or PDFs into interactive presentations, or choose to build your presentation from scratch. Add in temperature checks, formative assessments, discussion prompts, diagnostics, or exit tickets. 
Invite every student to join your presentation from their devices so they can interact with the material and respond to prompts. You can also choose to turn on student-paced mode to allow students to work at their speed in the classroom or at home. 
See student responses in real time to get a quick temperature check on student understanding
Share anonymous answers on the projector screen to spark debate, make every opinion be heard, and discuss common misconceptions

Who uses Pear Deck?
Passionate teachers looking to engage every student in their classroom, every day.

Pear Deck lives in your Google Drive and integrates with Google Classroom, so G Suite for Education users have a completely Frictionless Setup to get started.
A User of Pear Deck
October 22, 2019
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Regina Booth
September 10, 2016
As everyone has stated prior to my post, this would be a great way to see if everyone understands what is being taught and to get everyone involved in class participation.
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A User of Pear Deck
July 20, 2016
Pear Deck is a great way to engage students in class and with the technology they are already using. As a teacher, it allows me to reach ALL of my students and keep them engaged throughout a lesson. Think of your quiet student in the back of the classroom that never raises their hand. Pear Deck is a way to reach those kids and see their thinking, without putting them on the spot in front of everyone. I can chose which responses to show on the board and student responses are anonymous to the class. My middle-school students enjoy challenging themselves to craft answers that might be deemed board-worthy. The Premium feature of draggables is one of our favorite features. It's a great way to stimulate discussion. I use Pear Deck in a wide variety of ways: review for tests, a quick check-up of homework reading, debate questions, and even having students draw/mark-up images or documents. It's a great way to make your classroom more student-centered.
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A user of Pear Deck
November 13, 2016
nice to know thar
Amy Pezzoni
April 3, 2016
Pear Deck has been amazing for just-in-time teaching. It allows my classroom to feel more like a big tutoring session rather than a lecture. More of the heavy lifting is being done by students, and I can see their thinking as it is happening. This allows me to make whole class adjustments, small group adjustments and intervene one-on-one if necessary. I feel like I have a better picture of where the entire class is as we are learning the material, rather than a day or two later when the homework is graded. Highly recommended!
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A User of Pear Deck
January 1, 2016
Students LOVE it and they are learning!!
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A user of Pear Deck
March 16, 2016
if they need to use a app on ther cps 2 hlp them lern, studants r reterded
A User of Pear Deck
November 4, 2015
I am so happy to be using this software. My college classes are now engaged far more than they would be without it. And I LOVE the "takeaways" feature.
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Barbara DeSantis
June 18, 2015
Every student is engaged and they don't even realize I'm getting formative assessment data!
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William Sibley
May 19, 2015
Wonderful classroom extension, however, be warned - the site attempts to make a connection with YouTube (for obvious reasons), but in my school students are blocked from Youtube. So, I could connect with Peardeck presentations, but my students could not.
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Andrea Enns
May 4, 2015
This is a great formative assessment tool that is engages students!
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Shaun Spence
April 30, 2015
I love it! Great for student formative assessment and data collecting. Works with Google Apps for Ed. is an extra plus!!!
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A user of Pear Deck
February 2, 2016
Such a spam
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