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Peoples Choice Sheet Tools
Many tools under one roof. Manipulate cells, columns, sheets. Extract & merge values. Generate passwords & encrypt data as well.
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You no longer have to spend valuable time performing repetitive task like formatting, comparing, inserting, deleting, etc. We know that the tasks behind the analysis or presentation should not be where you spend your time and effort. We analyzed what people need. We asked what people want. So here it is: the People’s Choice for Sheet Tools! Enjoy these tools because they are your choice and we will continue to add to the tools as You, The People, provide more suggestions and make your voice heard.

Here are the tools available for use today:


** Column Compare
Is the value in column 1 found in column 2? Results can be highlighted or placed in a list for exporting.
** Merge Column Values
Merge the values from multiple columns into a single column. Perfect for creating mailing labels.
** Extract Values
Extract specific types of values from a column such as email, phone numbers, dates, times, or names.


** Manage Blanks
Insert, remove or highlight multiple cells, columns and rows.
** Crop Sheet
Remove unnecessary rows or columns from a sheet or crop it to just the data you want to display.
** Copy & Insert Cells
Copy cells without overwriting other values. Copy, insert and even move one or multiple cell values.
** Zebra Formatting
Format rows or columns of the entire sheet or a selected range with your background color of choice.
** Random Generator
Create a random sequence of characters from your predefined acceptable character list. The sequence will be to your specified length. Easily generate GUIDs. This tool is perfect for generating strong passwords.
** Encrypt & Decrypt
Encrypt a range of cells that can only be decrypted with your special decoder ring (or the passcode that you provide). This is a great tool to keep all your passwords in one location that is safe and secure from prying eyes (as long as you are the only one with edit capability).


** Sort Sheets Asc / Desc
Sort the sheets in either ASC or DESC order from left to right.
** Protect / Unprotect Sheets
Protect sheets so it gives warning to anybody trying to change the sheet in anyway.
** Show / Hide Sheets
Just like hiding columns, this tool makes it easy to hide sheets from view that are distracting, background or more sensitive.
** Delete Sheets
We will give you a warning, but in the end the sheet will be removed from the document.

The People’s Choice for Sheets Tools was created for you, the people. We welcome your feedback and feature requests for future tools. Simply drop us an email at: and we will assess the tool request and, if deemed beneficial to the community, we will schedule it for release.
A User of Peoples Choice Sheet Tools
October 17, 2017
I can't find a version for android. Password otherwise is great
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A User of Peoples Choice Sheet Tools
April 14, 2017
I installed this primarily for password and encryption features. Unfortunately, these tools are relatively crude. Password generation is not fine-tuned enough to exclude different symbols (which break some website passwords). Encryption is password-protected, but those passwords are only entered once, allowing for typos or mistakes. The passwords are entered in plaintext, so they are vulnerable to shoulder surfing. Finally, everything that is encrypted is entirely transparent in the document editing history. I was hoping to use this encryption to protect my file in case my Google account was compromised, but this tool isn't able to do that.
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