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Piconion Photo Editor
Professional online photo editor with Google Drive. Paint with Touchscreen or Stylus Pen. Support layers, paths, and multiple files. Make picture perfect. Create incredible art.
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Professional Photo Editor with Google Drive integration. Support touchscreen and stylus pen.

1. Basic: resize, crop, flip, image adjustments, apply filters, add stickers, support layers, paths, multiple files and pixel art.
2. Layer Styles: drop shadow, color and gradient overlays.
3. Transform: rotate, scale, move.
4. Text: insert and edit your text. Many beautiful fonts.
5. Pen: create shapes or paths by bezier curve.
6. Painting: brush, pencil, eraser tools.
7. Selection: copy, cut, delete, fill, and stroke.
8. Flood Fill/Gradient: fill area with single color or gradient.
9. Eyedropper: sample colors from image.
10. Tuning: blur, sharpen, and smudge.
11. Darkroom: dodge and burn.
12. Works with Google Drive.


Release notes: v3.5.1

1. Improve: Control layer list in the sidebar more smoothly.
2. Improve: Better user interface for touchscreen/stylus pen.

Release notes: v3.5.0

1. New: Support touchscreen and stylus pen.
2. Improve: Canvas tab is added to sidebar for quick navigation.
3. Many small bugs fix and improvements.

Release notes: v3.0.0

1. New: Support multiple files.
2. New: Support account switch.
3. Improve: Open shared file from Google Drive.
4. Improve: Auto-scrolling desktop in some critical scenarios.
5. Many small bugs fix and improvements.
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