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Placeholder allow user(s) to replace multiple keywords in document template in one go. User can use symbol {{ before keyword and symbol }} after keyword as placeholder. eg. {{keyword}}
Placeholder allow users to use any keyword as placeholder in google doc template and replace them anytime later they want!

Users can use symbol {{ before the keyword and symbol }} after the keyword as placeholder.
eg. {{keyword}}

Upon starting the add-on, "Placeholder" will scan the document, sidebar will show all placeholders in the document and users can replace them with words/ sentences they want! Just that easy.
Saving time to find and replace them one by one.

It is suitable for managing document template, contract template, fillable document.

Updates :
**12 Jan 2021**
Add datatypes Image, qrcode, file template, link for placeholder doc
**28 Dec 2020**
Added Placeholder for slide
**23 Dec 2020 **
- Data attribute feature (allow save attributes for document)
- Enable different symbol to recognize keywords eg {{...}} , ${...} ,<<...>>
- Add datatype selection Text, TextArea, Number, Dates, and Options
- Fix user access issue	
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