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Make a planning board from Google Calendar appointments.
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This scheduling board helps you to get a high occupancy when scheduling objects and persons. An object is for instance a boat, appartement, etc. to rent. For persons work schedules and rosters are of importance. The objects and appointments form a bar chart clearly showing the free periods in between. The objects are in a fixed chosen order and are therefore quickly localized. The bar chart shows the appointments from a chosen starting date or running with today's date.

PlanBoard is a Google Sheets add-on that retrieves appointments per object from its Google Calendar. Google Calendar itself can also show multiple calendars at once, but the viewing order of the calendars keeps changing depending on the appointments, making free periods less visible.

The free version shows the appointments from the primary calendar associated with a Google account. The events are placed from start to end date next to each other in a bar. The calendar can be expanded to see the separate events when they overlap.

The upgrade version shows all your calendars and the calendars shared with you in a chosen order. Each planned object or person can thus come with its own calendar at the desired location on the screen.

The upgrade you can try 10 days for free and buy with PayPal in the PlanBoard add-on itself: menu Add-ons > PlanBoard > Upgrade...
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