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Plus Codes
Plus codes are addresses for places where the streets are unnamed, or where there are no roads.
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Plus codes make location information easier to use. Instead of two long numbers (atitude and longitude) there's a single, shorter code.

Most people in the world live on an unnamed street. Plus codes were created so that these people can have an address, so that they can receive deliveries, access emergency services, register to vote – and more. Plus codes are open source and free to use, for any purpose, forever.

Plus codes are based on latitude and longitude, so they already exist everywhere. The location 47°21'56.0"N 8°31'29.3"E has the plus code "8FVC9G8F+6W".

Plus codes can be converted to plus code addresses. These use place names and a short version of the code: "9G8F+6W, Zürich, Switzerland". This form is easier to recognise, and the shorter code means people have less digits to remember.

This add-on for Google Sheets allows you to convert between location coordinates and plus codes, using a menu function and additional sheet functions:


You can also convert between plus codes and addresses using the menu and additional functions:


Plus codes use the Open Location Code algorithm, an open source Google project. See for links to the open source projects.

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A User of Plus Codes
February 11, 2020
Great tool - Thx
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A User of Plus Codes
October 26, 2019
Really needs to support "deg" in addition to "°", as many tools* which spit out GPS coordinates use deg by default. Being able to copy and paste lat/long from those tools is essential for minimal effort in converting. *e.g. Exiftool
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A User of Plus Codes
May 14, 2019
I copied a plus code right from Google Maps but this add-on could not give me the GPS coordinates! Error: "MG94+P9" is not a valid code
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