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Generate, save and share documents automatically without writing a single line of code. Portant can data-merge from Google Sheets or from Google Forms answers into Docs and Slides.
Transform the complexity and monotony of a repetitive document into a well-oiled workflow, so you can free up time to work smarter, not harder. 

Here’s everything Portant Data Merge does...
• Creates multiple documents from a Google Sheet (data merge).
• Watches a Google Sheet and creates a new document when the sheet is updated.
• Link a Google Form, that automatically generates a document each time it’s completed and then saves it in your google drive. 
• Optional automatic document sharing.
• The Data Mapping System directly places the information into the exact location you have specified, so you can take back control of what others do with your document format.
• Transform the complexity and monotony of a document into a well-oiled workflow, so you free up time to work smarter, not harder.
• Save time. Delete copy and paste from your workday, and place your repetitive documents on auto-pilot.

And that's not all…
We have big plans for Portant and a feature backlog that will enable you to create beautiful documents and slides with less effort. So if there is a feature that you would like to see, please let us know:

How to start using Portant:
1. Install the add-on 
2. Open the add-on by selecting: Add-on > Portant Data Merge > Start
3. Select and connect a Google Sheet or Google Form 
3. Insert simple markers to indicate where you want each answer to be placed in the final document.
4. Click START and automatically create documents and save them in a folder on your google drive.
5. Optional | Share documents with email addresses.
6. Optional | Set Portant to automatically create documents whenever there is a change to the sheet or new answer to the form.

There are many use cases...
• Project status reports, end of week summaries, executive reports, team check-ins, end of month team showcases
• Create pitch decks, quotes, invoices, contracts or onboarding documents 
• Replace your workflows built on external tools that place form answers into documents (forms into docs, forms to documents  
• And many, many more! 

Please let us know how you use Portant Data Merge.

Portant is a great solution if you’re looking for an alternative to simplify and centralise workflows built on top of Zapier, Workato, Integromat. You can even create multiple docs from the same Form or Sheet.

Portant is a document merge and workflow add-on available in the Google Workspace Marketplace. A simpler alternative to Add-ons such as Ultradox, Autocrat, PerformFlow, Document Studio and Form Publisher.

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temp mail
April 15, 2021
Ruined a fantastic app. I used to be able to select an individual cell, name it, then insert it with ease by putting the name within curly brackets. Now I am unable to select anything, and my previous documents which I set up are broken
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Blake Lockley
April 19, 2021
Hey there, It looks like your spreadsheet is not configured correctly.
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temp mail
April 15, 2021
Im not even able to make documents any more it says "Created 0 New Documents". What a shame, I absolutely loved it before
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samarth financial services and recovery agency
March 27, 2021
How to get images in presentation by google sheet link. I want image in any format. not link. plz tell me how ????
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James Fyfe
March 27, 2021
Hi there, we have some good news, we have just implemented this feature yesterday. Simply hover over the desired image tag in the data source table and click the image icon to mark the tag as an "image tag" (see below). When you run insert this will put a resizable placeholder image in your document. When Portant processes your document, rows containing the public image URL will have the placeholder updated with that image. We are always looking to improve our tool so please provide us with any feedback about this new feature. Thanks, James
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Patrick Jr Mella
March 9, 2021
Great app! User friendly and it made me finish my work early and fast. Got some time to rest due to saved time. Tnx so much!
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