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Add emails, attachments, tasks, and time entries to new or existing contacts in PracticePanther without leaving Gmail.
You can now work faster and get more done in less time by using the dedicated Gmail add-on for PracticePanther. Add new contacts, link existing contacts, save emails, bill for your time, and much more - all from within Gmail!

Using the Gmail add-on, you can:
1. Add new contacts - If a matching contact isn't found, you can add a new contact to PracticePanther without leaving Gmail.
2. Match existing contacts - When viewing an email, the add-on will automatically search for a matching contact in PracticePanther using their email address. 
3. Log emails - In one click, you can save the email to PracticePanther under the specific contact or matter associated with it.
4. Bill for your time - Never lose another billable minute again. Every email should be logged to PracticePanther and billed for accordingly. We recommend billing in 6-minute increments for every email.
5. View contact and matter details - Once a matching contact is found, see their contact details, notes, open tasks, and all their matters as well. 
6. Create tasks - You can now create tasks for your contacts or matters directly from inside Gmail. If you sync your tasks with Google, they will even be synced back to Gmail Tasks.

PracticePanther is a secure and easy-to-use law practice management software. Thousands of law firms in over 35 countries use PracticePanther to automate their firms and get more done in less time. Never miss a deadline again, get paid faster with one-click billing, track billable time and expenses, and much more. Work from anywhere, on any device, with our streamlined mobile apps. It's easy, user-friendly, and intuitive. Now you can spend less time managing your firm and more time making money. Try it free, no credit card needed.
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Un usuario de PracticePanther for Gmail
13 de julio de 2019
Me ha encantado
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Un usuario de PracticePanther for Gmail
10 de mayo de 2018
The fact that I can Log emails and log time on my PP account within Gmail is absolutely awesome. God bless the developer.
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Un usuario de PracticePanther for Gmail
9 de mayo de 2018
¿Te parece útil esta reseña?
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Un usuario de PracticePanther for Gmail
8 de junio de 2018
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