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Florian Trippel
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PRESIX makes designing presentations easy by giving you quick access to align and position commands and other tools. It also includes icons and ready-to-use shapes.

Most important:
* Quick access to position and alignment tools
* User shape library: just add your own shapes to your personal library and have them available at the click of a button
* PRESIX shapes: ready-to-use shapes and icons

All features:

* New alignment options: align a set of elements relative to the first element selected

* Quick access to standard alignment options, such as

Bring to front/send to back

* Pick and apply position

Make a sticker appear in the same spot on every slide

* Stack a set of shapes with a fixed spacing

* Copy relative distance between two elements to another set of two elements (in development)

* Quickly align shapes into a raster (in development)

* User shape library

Click a shape and add it to your personal shape library
We will create a new Slides presentation to store your personal shape library
We do not have access to your Google Drive

* PRESIX shapes: professional look at the click of a button

Horizontal and vertical boxes
Value chain
Flow triangles

Number balls
Traffic lights
Harvey balls

* Icons

Check mark/tick

PRESIX is originally a PowerPoint add-on/extension/util/plugin. It is not yet on par with the PowerPoint version, but we are striving to give you the best experience possible.
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andreas schiller
September 13, 2020
Great! Speeds up my workflow significally!
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