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Access Questia from inside Google Docs!
Write a better research paper faster!  As a subscriber to, you can enjoy side-by-side access to these Questia features from within Google Docs:

* Research library of more than 90,000 books and 12 million articles
* More than 6,700 pre-built topic ideas with suggested source material
* Time-saving research tools like automatic bibliography creation, citation generation, highlights, notes, and more
* Project folders to help you stay organized by storing all of your saved research from any source in one place
* A writing center that offers a Topic Finder, Thesis Starter, Outline Template, Outline Starter
* Step-by-step workflow for writing a research paper
* Helpful videos and articles that offer tips and guidance that address common questions about writing such as avoiding plagiarism, working with source material and much more
* Use and the Questia Add-in interchangeably as your interactions are saved to both automatically

Take advantage of the Questia Writing Add-in by logging in with your account.

If you do not have a Questia account, explore the site free at and get full access with a subscription.
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A User of Questia Writing Add-In
July 10, 2018
Company does not support their addon. I had problems with it and called their number for support. They basically told me they don't support the addon.
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A User of Questia Writing Add-In
May 6, 2018
Took forever to even initialize. Removing.
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