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QuillBot is a full sentence thesaurus that will rephrase sentences users give it. Simply hit the "Quill It" button to produce an output. Users can then further edit the outputs using the drop down thesaurus.
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A full sentence thesaurus that will rephrase sentences. Users can pick between 5 Quill Modes and further edit sentences.

Quill Modes will allow the user to specify the degree of change desired.

A premium QuillBot account is necessary to use this application.
A User of QuillBot
December 1, 2019
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A User of QuillBot
September 20, 2019
trash. doesnt even all ow you to do anything until you upgrade to premium so whats the point?
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A user of QuillBot
October 14, 2019
Trash, I can paraphrase it at least, but whats the point.
A user of QuillBot
September 30, 2019
terrible thing
A User of QuillBot
May 27, 2019
Excellent add-on for any level of writer. This is super useful if you want to be able to efficiently make improvements to your essay or article without having to have so many windows open. Their rephrasing feature is amazing and is able to help me generate new ideas on how to structure my sentences. Must-have tool for people who want to become better writers.
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