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Quiz Banker from New Visions for Public Schools
Quiz Banker creates student-ready editable quiz and answer documents based on an item bank of over 3,675 state exam questions.
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The New Visions CloudLab Quiz Banker add-on supports New York State secondary teachers in generating quizzes based on past Regents exams. By drawing on a bank of items in Google Docs, Quiz Banker allows teachers more time for critical tasks, such as identifying and analyzing student learning needs and planning responsive day-to-day lessons. Teachers can sort and filter questions based on Common Core domain, cluster, and standards. Each question is also aligned to New Visions’ free and open source curriculum (, making it even easier for teachers to plan in response to evidence of learning. Check out the add-on now and see how it can help prepare your students for success!
A User of Quiz Banker from New Visions for Public Schools
January 29, 2018
Would've been a nice tool if more than one regents exam was available. Likewise, once generated, you could only look at one question at a time. This process is too slow.
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A user of Quiz Banker from New Visions for Public Schools
February 1, 2019
@David Wees You might be able to achieve better performance with Google's platform. I assume the add-on is pulling data from a database. But I suspect that your bottleneck is the storage solution you're using for said database. Google offers Cloud SQL (MySQL), a relational database that can queried from Apps Script. And if you leverage the Google Sheet API (v4) you'll get faster performance compared to Apps Script built-in spreadsheet service (Cloud SQL isn't free though - but the pricing is reasonable).
A user of Quiz Banker from New Visions for Public Schools
December 19, 2018
I decided to not add it because it asks for permission to edit, create, and delete ALL of your google drive. As I understand it, that is asking for permission to do whatever it wants in your google drive with everything you have!!
A user of Quiz Banker from New Visions for Public Schools
February 14, 2018
The number of Regents exams available depends on your content area. For example, in math there are 5 exams for Algebra II. I'm not sure what you mean by your second sentence about only looking at one question at a time. Can you clarify? As for the process being too slow, I appreciate that feedback. The speed of the process could be greatly increased if we were using a different platform but then we would lose lot of the capabilities provided by the Google platform, such as the ability to share the Quiz with others or to use the filtering capabilities of the Spreadsheet tool.
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